I get it, I’m a dinosaur with a flip phone who is scared of fancy electric optics.


Now please shut the fuck up and leave me alone.

I have put tens of thousands of rounds down range with irons on pistols and I’m fairly decent at it.

I’ve tried red dots on pistols a few times and I can’t shoot them for shit.

My muscle memory is for irons.

I have to think about the red dot.  It’s not smooth or fast or familiar to me.

Sure, I could learn them but I’m happy with my performance with irons and I don’t feel like shooting tens of thousands of more rounds with a new platform to retrain my brain.

At this point, you’re just being a dick, right up there with vegans who do Cross Fit.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Dear red dot on pistol people,”
  1. It is sort of the same for me but with 1911 vs Glocks. My 1911s have many more rounds through them than my Glock (singular). The 1911s point correctly as I draw. Rounds go where I intend them to within the context of my skill level.

    The Glock never points correctly. Once I see that I can correct and put rounds where I want them, but there is a slight delay before this happens.

    Thus I stick with 1911 style firearms that point like 1911s.

    The plastic fantastics are great. I have some. I also have SAA and 1911s from old school days.

  2. In my experience, most of the people who push “the(ir) new thing” aggressively – be it crossfit, veganism, the latest smartphone OS, red-dots, whatever – are looking for validation of their choice, either by approbation or by “converting” someone.

  3. Let’s talk again in 10 years when your eyes are starting to betray you.

    The hype surrounding dot sights on pistols was 10 to 15 years ago. No they are just another tool in the toolbox.
    They are a viable option on many more pistols right of the assembly line and not some “gunsmith required” addon anymore so I don’t get the rant – especially when iron sights are still the standard.

    It’s not like your talking about manual transmission…

  4. Red dots are (to me) a fad. The newest gizmo for the “look at me, aint I great” crowd. The best “reddot”?? Crimson trace laser grip, THATS a reddot! Right on the spot you will hit…. Any tool that requires batteries WILL fuk you over at the most inopertune time… Self defense range you wont have time to look thru the reddot site (IMHO)…
    Run what YOU like and works for YOU . I will never criticize what others use. Anyone who makes fun of or ridicules anothers tools is a tool.
    I see far too much of it in the firearms world and it’s disappointing.. I too have thousands and thousands of rounds thru 1911s, I have a series 70 Government Colt I have rebuilt TWICE since I got it in 2005. Still goes bang.. plus 2 other 1911s. They work for me.
    Run what works for YOU,and if some tactcool fool doesn’t like he can pray you never shoot him..

    1. This “fad” is as of writing old enough to vote, drink, drive and is known to cause cancer in the State Of California plus it worries about it’s 401(k).

      The “fad” is now older than the 1911 was when the “perfect pistol” got a major overhaul to combat its shortcomings and it will soon be old enough to reach the age of the 1911 where the designer was busy working on a better, improved replacement 😛

  5. I remember the days when…..I was exactly in agreement with your current mindset on this matter–I currently still use a military grade flip-top. About five years ago, the ole iron sights, no matter how bright they were or hi-tech they were, I could not see them very well, which resulted in a loss in accuracy. I started using red-dot sights and found that the only way I could adjust to them was by installing suppressor height sights. The co-witness through the red dot sight combined with the red dot sitting on top of the front post made the difference for me…I was able to adjust, and accuracy returned. Now, when it comes to CQC scenarios I use the ‘point and shoot’ method where the back profile of the pistol is all I see against the mass of the threat. So, the red dot doesn’t serve me in those instances.

    If your eyes do what mine did when I crossed the sixties threshold of life, you’ll be forced to deal with it…. just like arthritis and other physical deteriorations will persuade you to consider alternatives. Hopefully your eyes without glasses will fare better than mine did. (Today I still only need glasses for reading…small font). And my speed and coordination today are just as good as they were when I was forty using tall iron sights through the red dot.

  6. When I watch or read things about my hobbies, I’m looking for tips I can use, not for an opportunity to tell someone how they’re doing it wrong. The one time I kibbitzed someone was because he wasn’t doing something I’d seen him do dozens of times previously.

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