I saw this on the news earlier today and … well, the stupid corporate thought behind it is monumental.

And I say to the sheriff to make all Target stores in his jurisdiction off limits for enforcing the law except hard violent crimes (Murder/Rape).

If Target security does not understand that with their attitude crimes will not only continue but actually increase in number and violence and that the dwindling customer base will still record and post videos that will be counterproductive to their sales, they deserve to crash and bankrupt in a spectacular fashion.

And I forgot: No Law Enforcement will lead to no emergency rescue personal attending calls at those locations. That is another pound of nails in that coffin.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Dear Sheriff, do comply with their wishes.”
  1. “No Law Enforcement will lead to no emergency rescue personal attending calls at those locations. “

    THAT – should it become more widely known – will destroy the leftist retail outlets. If Joe and Jane Suburbanite learn that any medical emergency they might suffer in Store X, whether it’s a heart attack, tripping over a store fixture or injuries from a shoplifter assault, they will have to crawl outdoors and away from the building to receive assistance, whether it’s from EMTs, firefighters or police, shopping at Store X becomes a higher risk activity.

  2. Actually, the opposite of what Target thinks is true.
    People will actually support Target more if the socialz were full of videos of shoplifters getting arrested.
    The only negatives they will get is from the shoplifters.

    1. Seriously, though, if a company took a stand to protect their customers and keep their prices low by stopping shoplifting (“loss prevention” saves a TON*), I’d be more likely to support them, too.
      It’s funny; not that long ago (and perhaps still), I remember every store had a sign on the front door warning that shoplifters would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That doesn’t happen anymore. If they still have that sign up, they’re lying.
      * – I knew a young lady who worked “loss prevention” at a department store, mostly in the “women’s apparel” section. The company paid her a modest hourly wage, plus a bonus for identifying shoplifters for security to apprehend — she got a small percentage (like 5-10%) of the value of whatever they were caught trying to steal. She was very good at it; her paycheck was often triple what her normal wage alone would have been, and surprisingly few “false positives”. But the company obviously figured “loss prevention” was a big enough deal that it was worth paying for.

    2. Surely they have to suffer because of the videos of shoplifting inside of them, if it looks safe and easy then it probably encourages others. On the other hand, publicly siding with the police against the tired huddled masses yearning for free body wash, could encourage other targeted anti target actions. Maybe intermediate level shoplifting is better than the full store lootings that we see often enough. They’re just picking their poison.

  3. Target: “Please do your job and enforce the law … but only where, when, and how we want you to.”
    Proper response: Suck eggs. You don’t get to pick where, when, or how the law gets broken, so you don’t get to pick where, when, or how it gets enforced. Either let us do our job, or don’t complain when the job doesn’t get done.

  4. Yep. No EMS / Fire until the scene is ‘secure.’

    We used to be volunteer EMS / Fire, and we HAD to wait until LEOs declared the scene ‘safe’ before we could even get close, >if< it known to be the result of violent action.

    I do have to add, however, that even 'medical' calls can have unexpected dangers.

    We had one 'medical' call where we went to a residence on a Sunday afternoon for a male having chest pains, and my wife was first in the door. Instantly, one of the kids in the residence ran up to her exclaiming "It's the cupcake lady!" and gave her a great big hug. One of our kids had a birthday a week or so before, and the wife had taken cupcakes for the whole class at the local grade school, and this kid was in that class.


    Way back then, we had orange jumpsuits with the blue trim and reflective patches, AND A FIRE SERVICE BADGE PINNED ON THE CHEST.

    Turns out one of the males in the house had gotten drunk on Sunday afternoon and decided to 'shoot the first badge in the door' and made a 911 call.

    One of the responders was also a local sheriffs' deputy, and once we got the back story, bone head went straight to jail.

    No more badges on uniforms after that.

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