The VPC made a big deal last year with the fact the number of firearms deaths in the US was about the same as the number of traffic fatalities in the US.  This comparison was not accidental.

“Comparing the two national icons, cars and guns, yields “a statistic that really resonates with people,” says Chelsea Parsons, co-author of the report for the Centre for American Progress. Resonance is certainly needed. There are about 320 [million] people in the United States, and nearly as many civilian firearms. And although the actual rate of gun ownership is declining, enthusiasts are keeping up the number in circulation.”

They couldn’t help but espouse the lie that the number of gun owners in this country is decreasing.  Americans have bought 100 MILLION guns since 2008 with month after month of record gun sales every time a politician opens his or her (stupid) mouth.  The fastest growing demographic of gun owners is Gun Culture 2.0, (generally) younger people who are less about hunting than personal defense and owning cool stuff.  But of of course it is a dwindling number of old white guys who are stockpiling all these guns… but I digress

The comparison  between guns and cars is designed to promote more government regulations of guns.

“Overall, the C.D.C. numbers indicate that gun deaths are trending somewhat upward as motor vehicle deaths continue on a steady decline, thanks in large measure to serious government safety regulation aimed at reducing fatalities and injuries that is notably missing in the sphere of firearms.

In fact, guns remain the only consumer product not regulated at the federal level for health and safety, in keeping with the wishes of the gun industry and compliant lawmakers.

‘Teddy bears get tested to make sure they can withstand use and abuse by kids, but guns don’t get tested to make sure they don’t go off when accidentally dropped,’ notes Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center.”

So in 2015 guns and cars killed about 33,000 people, each.  About 60% of those gun deaths, or about 21,000 are suicides.  That is tragic.  About 5% or 1,600 deaths were the result of accidents, with about 600 or so happening to children.  That leaves the remaining 35% of gun deaths, or about 11,000, due to homicide.  The exact numbers vary year to year, but the the relative percentages of suicide/accident/homicide remain pretty consistent.  This contrasts with motor vehicle deaths, in that they are about 100% accidental.

When it comes to reducing the number of gun deaths, there are things we can and should do.  For example, there should be more access to publicly funded mental heath facilities and that we should change the laws to make it easier for people with suicidal idealization to seek help without it ruining their lives.  Antis, however, are quite happy to restrict YOUR constitutionally protected rights to do… nothing to reduce the number of gun deaths.

So surprise, surprise, when I was reading the news and another death statistic flashed before my eyes.  In 2104, 47,055 people died of drug overdoses, 1.5 times than died of gunshots.  Most of those overdoses came from opioids, both natural (like heroin) and synthetic.  About 38% of those deaths were from prescription drug abuse.  Heroin abuse is on the rise, with most of it coming into the US through Mexico.  Along with heroin, most of the meth coming into the US comes from Mexico.

What is it that I hear from the left?  Drug decriminalization.  Wealthy celebs are going before the UN to advocate for it.  In Colorado, where Marijuana was legalized, overdoses one harder drugs are skyrocketing because just like we all learned in high school health class… Marijuana is a gateway drug.  I don’t see anybody advocating for safe storage laws for prescription pain killers.  The idea of serious border security is criticized and called unreasonable and racist by the left, to the point were many want to just to an open borders system.

We can debate the pros and cons of unrestricted immigration, but could we at least agree that we should stop the flow of narcotics into the US?  I guess not.

Drugs are killing 1.5 times as many people as guns in the US, and the same people that want to crack down on civil liberties “if it saves one life” are the same people exacerbating the drug problem.  If I, as a law abiding gun owner, have blood on my hands for all the people who died from gun shots because I support the NRA.  Than every person who derides boarder security, called for open borders, or says “legalize it” had 1.5 times the blood on their hands.

But they refuse to admit that.  Why?  Because it’s not about the number of lives lost.  It’s about control.  Your gun is a bigger threat to their nanny state machinations than some kid dying from a But Lite and Vicodin cocktail.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Death by numbers”
  1. ” guns don’t get tested to make sure they don’t go off when accidentally dropped,’”

    I guess they haven’t heard of the H.P. White laboratory and the drop tests they did back in the 70’s and 80’s. Just because of some guns going off when they were dropped.

  2. You could argue that drugs account for the majority of the gun deaths too since we seem to agree that most firearms related homicides are gang related and much gang activity is centered around drugs. A transitive argument to be sure but there is a connection.

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks prohibition of anything works effectively to stop a percieved undesirable activity wheather it is drug use, gun ownership, homosexuality, etc. It seems pretty clear the environment it creates with black markets and illegal underground activity and government pressure leaning on enforcement bad abaitment is just as bad if not worse that an open and white market in the public system.

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