DALLAS — A Central Texas man who shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy entering his home will not be charged with capital murder, attorneys said Thursday.

A local grand jury declined Wednesday to indict Henry Goedrich Magee for the Dec. 19 death of Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders, who was part of a group of investigators executing a search warrant for Magee’s rural home.

via No murder charge for man who fatally shot Texas deputy.

We are seeing cases like this and probably will see more in the future.  But same as SWAT, No-Knock warrants have been abused for too long on entries that did not need such strategy.

Again we do  not see here a case where the police was attacking a Drug Cartel hideout filled with guns and crazed enforcers, but some local yahoo who “had a small number of marijuana plants and seedlings” probably for his personal use. Was it worth the life of the Deputy? Simple answer is no.

The suspect is still going down for the possession & weapons charge and probably will get the full attention to the DA to make sure he gets nailed to the wall and then some. But I bet little effort will be paid to the review of the use of dynamic entries for crimes that do not require it, at least not till more officers and civilians get unnecessarily killed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “Death Knell for No-Knock Warrants? Unlikely”
  1. The fastest way to stop the no-knock warrant bullshit. Make it a law that the judge that signed it and the DA that requested it are the first two in the door. The judge in his/her black dress and the DA in a business suit with a briefcase. After the first judge got popped, that shit would come to a screeching halt.

    The only time a no-knock should be used is a hostage situation where things are moving too fast for other means.

    Side note; I am a registered user on the police one site. I’m no longer allowed to view the comments because I’m not a certified police officer. I really wanted to read them because I know what a cheer leading section that is. I bet there are a lot that say the victim (the guy they raided) should have been DRT.

  2. What the hell was the point? What benefit of risk v reward could possibly sound like a good idea? Unless it’s kids in danger, which it wasn’t, what possible scenario is worth a man being expected to risk his life??
    God help the Sowders family.
    Donna g

    1. What the hell was the point?

      Perception of a soft and easy training exercise from the police requesting the no-knock. That and a cavalier attitude amongst the reviewing and approving authorities for no-knock raids. No risk assessment from any party.

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