And that is what they are doing via the CDC my trying to re-instate mask mandates:

But Walensky pointed to new data showing that while vaccinated people still account for a small amount of risk, in rare cases they can get infected and spread the virus to others.

CDC Changes Mask Guidance For Vaccinated People, Including In Schools : Shots – Health News : NPR

So either vaccines work or don’t. If they do, then I do not give 2 shits if I ‘spread” the virus to somebody who is not vaccinated and is in the high risk category as you pay your monies and you take your chances if you get sick.  And I give 4 shits if I give it to somebody who has a lower risk than me to develop problems because they are young and healthy.

And if the vaccine truly does not work, then why will I need to bother getting a booster shot at all? Or why those who are not vaccinated should care to get it if it does not work? And I don’t mean possible side effects but just plain waste of time and patience dealing with this COVID-BS variant Theater.

Again, this has become and exercise in the acquisition and keeping of power by the Government while employing the plight of sick people as bloody shirts to wave in support of their goals.  I have to say, our elected officials are behaving more and more like Palestinian terrorists using the bodies of the kids they used as human shields to garner support for further measures and .Gov stupidity.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Declaring the vaccine useless, the government just killed any reason to get it.”
  1. I wish I could understand the mindset of those that are demanding everybody mask up.

    I know that people, in bulk, are stupid. The average IQ of a large group of people will barely break 100. So what does Biden et all get from demanding everybody mask up?

    At this point the number of conflicting messages coming out of “The Authorities” is so vast as to make picking the real information out of the chaff almost impossible. Add to that the number of people who have lied to us “for our own good” or just because telling us to fear something or do something just makes me want to push back.

    I got the jab because it made my lady (and daughter) feel better. I wear the mask when I must, I ignore the signs when I can.

    My questions:
    1) How contagious was Covid-19? Good hard numbers with comparisons to things like the yearly flu or colds or typhoid. Something that can be understood.
    2) What are the methods of spread? Is it just air borne? Is it person to person contact? Is it surface contact?
    (During the Ebola scare I didn’t get my yearly cold/flu. I treated every surface and person as a slow acting contact poison. And decontaminated my hands after every contact.)
    3) Broken down by ages and co-morbidity, what is the lethality of Covid-19?
    4) Broken down by ages and co-morbidity, what are the short term affects of Covid-19?
    5) Broken down by ages and co-morbidity, what are the long term affects of Covid-19?
    6) How well do masks work in normal use cases? As an example, when they study birth control methods they don’t give you the stats on unplanned pregnancy of women who are perfectly using that birth control method, they give you the numbers on women who use that birth control as their method, thus including “oh I forgot to take the little white pill” and “Well, we didn’t think I was fertile so we didn’t use the condom.” and all the other failure modes. I want to know how well masks work when we’ve got Miguel with his full beard wearing a mask, not just the doctor with the n95 properly affixed. As well as all the people that wear masks over their mouths but not over their noses.
    7) What are the side affects of the different vaccines?
    8) What is the efficacy of the different vaccines?
    9) What are the transmission rates from different levels of “having the wu-flu”. I’ve heard a number of reports that asymptomatic people are not transmitting the flu.

    For all those that are screaming about forcing me to wear a mask in order to protect them. If I don’t have the freaking cough, I’m not giving it to anybody else. So no, me wearing a mask isn’t protecting you.

    So much of what I hear and read about “you must wear a mask” comes from the point of view of attempting to stop low probability events from happening.

    “We are concerned about a healthy, vaccinated teacher in her late twenties catching covid-19 from a 5 year old with no symptoms. Therefore all the children in the school must wear masks, stay 6 feet from every other student and teacher and the teacher will be teaching from inside a plexiglass bubble. You are all haters of hero teachers for not forcing your 5 year old to wear a mask!”

    1. And, if I understand correctly, it is also on people who took a vaccine that is not US “approved” (Understand the emergency use authorization is not an approval).

      Let’s add that to the list. Not only did the study fail peer review, it is also on a vaccine not used in the US.

  2. Of course the real answer is “check the numbers, it isn’t all or nothing”. And if real scientists were talking that is what you would hear. But what you’re hearing is not scientists but politicians, which is why you’re hearing garbage.

    If Ms. W were a scientist she would have told you that (a) after being vaccinated you still have a small chance of getting sick — not zero but, say, one percent or so. And if you are sick (vaccinated or not) you can infect others who can get sick in turn, but only about 1 percent of those who you infect would be vaccinated people.

    Which translates to “if you’re vaccinated, you have an 0.01% chance of getting sick and then infecting other vaccinated people”. But (a) your chances of getting sick are vastly reduced and furthermore, almost all of the people who you can then infect are unvaccinated adults — i.e., people who chose to remain at risk.

    As I said a day or two ago, my reaction to Ms. W’s assertion that even vaccinated people, if sick, can infect others is “so what?”. The above is the details of why I said that.

    I would also note that the CDC “guidance” said to wear masks indoors only if you’re in a region that has high infection rates. The politicians promptly turned that into “everyone must wear masks in ever region”. So even with the unlikely assumption that the CDC was practicing science, when it got into the hands of the politicians any semblance of science remaining was definitely eradicated.

  3. “So either vaccines work or don’t. And if the vaccine truly does not work, then why will I need to bother getting a booster shot at all?”

    That is a bingo. Give that man a cigar.

  4. Math is hard…

    I work from home and don’t interact with people outside of my pod. While my wife, a teacher, was doing remote teaching, we had limited contact with people outside of our pod. Thus I assigned a very low numerical risk to catching wu-flu. Call it 0.01% chance of catching it.

    I’m fat so have a co-morbidity. Thus I assign my chance of getting seriously ill from the illness a bit higher, call it 10%. The odds of dying while in the hospital were around 20% given that I was admitted to the hospital in the first place.

    The odds of me dying from covid-19 at the height of the wu-flu was 0.0001*0.1*0.2 = 0.0002%. My odds of dying in a car crash 0.016% or about 8 times greater. Gee, I guess I should stop driving.

    So now we come into the real question and where the panic came from, we were told that this thing was so contagious that the person standing beside you in line at the grocery store was going to infect you, even though they were not showing any signs of the illness.

    So what happens to our risk numbers when we through in the trip to the grocery store once every two weeks. Factually? It didn’t matter. I didn’t hear anything about grocery stores becoming spreaders. Matter of fact, most of the spreader situations were dumb youngsters doing dumb things.

    But there are still numbers out there, and nobody is reporting them. Instead they scream “you’re an idiot because you aren’t scared!”

    Right now I’m jabbed, I am not going to worry about the 0.1% chance that a vaccinated person will get wu-flu from a chance meeting.

    Again, they keep telling me to fear the asymptomatic person shedding the virus like Typhoid Mary. Yet they can’t show me a single instance of Wu-Flu Jill.

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