The radical Left has decriminalized theft.

In California it has been legalized up to $950 per incident.

In New York, prosecutors have simply refused to enforce the law rendering it void.

As one can expect, because of this theft has skyrocketed.

There are people in this country who are desperately trying to hang onto civilization by their fingertips.  People who want to live in a civilization governed by laws and rules and order, and refus to let the criminals have free rein.

It was these two store employees (dressed in all black) who resisted the theft, and they received violence as a reward.

Note the security guard which just watches this with one hand on his hip as though his natural inclination is to have his thumb up his ass.

The thieves, emboldened by their previous soft treatment did not turn and run at the first sign of resistance to their criminality but fought to steal the items they believed they were entitled to take.

This will escalate.

Thieves will eventually kill anyone who resists their decriminalized theft.

The bureaucrats and elected officials will not accept blame for this or try to fix it.  They will use the violence to further justify gun control or some other social justice policy that subsidizes crime.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Decriminalizing theft will lead to murder”
  1. In places where there was no law and order, citizens have banded together to instill it. That was why, in the old west, a posse would go out after a horse thief, soon returning with the horse and not the thief.
    People can only be pushed so far.

    1. I think they’re gambling that people are beaten down so much that they’ll avoid confrontation, if only to avoid injury or later selective prosecution by criminal-loving DAs.

      Of course, it only takes a few people to screw THAT up…

      1. Or, where the thefts are by gang members, the prospect of having ones spouse, children, siblings, etc. murdered. I recall MS13 likes that.

    2. Agreed, this is why posses formed up; but there’s a major difference today, as a few folks have hinted at below.

      We are not in a situation where, nominally, there is no law and order. There is a nominally active “justice system” in pretty much all of the US today. It is supposed to be impartial in enforcing the law, but depending upon the jurisdiction (and instructions from local political leaders), enforcement is applied differentially. I expect the response to vigilance committees, or whatever one would choose to call them, would be immediate and harsh. Even though “the system” isn’t doing its job, it’s not about to let anyone else do it either.

  2. It’s important to understand that politicians like Hochul act this way because they support crime. She could remove the Manhattan AD for cause, but she will not — she approves of what he’s doing though she won’t say that in so many words.

  3. You need to solve the root causes of this crime surge. This crime surge is not caused by the criminals. Stupid, Lazy, Sociopath Criminals are always with us until they get sent to prison. This crime surge is caused by the Soros Prosecutors, the Soft on Crime Politicians, the pro-Criminal Social Justice Warriors.
    Solve the Root Cause of the Problem. Solve the Pro-Crime Prosecutors and Soft on Crime Politicians.
    Crime will soon go back to manageable levels.

  4. White Plains is in Westchester County. “In fact, Westchester, after New York City and Albany County, has produced the biggest margins for statewide Democrats in recent years.” – Wikipedia

    “Jack Kirkpatrick: Shanna, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into. I say, let ’em crash.” – Aiplane!

    You voted for it, You Stupid Mother F##kers! – me

    1. A psychiatrist I knew years ago had a good comment she used for situations where the patient knew something was bad for himself but kept on doing it anyway: “it must be doing something for you”. That’s the way to view people who vote for this stuff. Don’t like stupid results? Stop voting stupid.

  5. A tiny plus: It looked like the “security” guard did call someone. Perhaps the police. Perhaps he ordered dinner.

    Who owns the Westchester DA?

    (BYW, I couldn’t watch this on GFZ. I had to search for it on Twitter. Some eeevil forces are making it difficult interface with this site.)

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