I thought AWA was crazy for shooting a racoon with a 30-30.

I was wrong.

When it comes you dangerous game, there us no such thing as too much gun.


Based on a comment, besides my tongue abd cheek humor, there is a legitimate advantage to shooting an animal like this.

You have the body to test for rabies.

It’s always better to have the animal and do a post mortem then have to go through the rabies vaccines.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Defense against critters – Update”
  1. I had critter trouble years ago.. thought my .22 rifle would be enough.. hit it 9 out of 15 rounds and when the gun went CLICK here he came right towards me. Mr Colt .45 ended up taking him out… now its Mr Bushmaster who does critter duty…. Or Mr Franchi 12ga… yes, use enough gun!

  2. From what I’ve heard from people recently bitten or who have had animals bitten, they don’t care anymore they just give you the full course anyways.

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