Armor piercing ammunition, explosives, and destructive devices should be legal, without additional scrutiny under the NFA, under the Second Amendment.

The Heller decision stated that the reason for the right to bear arms was self defense.

I need the ability to defend myself against killer robots.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Defense against robots”
    1. look for black tip surplus 30-06…. pull projectiles and reload into .308, OR buy a 30-06….armed with a dangerous mind

      1. Either option works.
        Or, as I’ve become accustomed to saying, “Embrace the diversifying power of ‘and’.” 😉
        Find black-tip surplus .30-06, pull some projectiles and load into .308 … AND buy a .30-06.
        Nothing wrong with having both, as long as you can tell them apart.

  1. I was thinkin bare wire grid hooked up to 220 ac. placed where they have to walk. on a remote switch.. or lots of rounds in shoulder neck and hip joints. Tesla coil to generate giant electrical charge to zap em with… big heavy truck to run the fukkers over….

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