Location is just north of Seattle.

The photo taken of the aggressor is interesting:

From what we all have seen in the last couple of years, this guy was fully dressed in Antifa-like uniform, and even wearing gloves.  He might be one of them, he might be a common criminal using the uniform or just a plain screwball also taking advantage of the alleged immunity being confused with Antifa gives.

But it seems such immunity only works in King County where Seattle is located and not in Snohomish County where he got 2 rounds or his idiotic behavior.

PS: This happened 6 days ago and only one local TV station has covered. Probably do not want the fact that there is a proven Antifa repellent out there.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “Defensive use of a Gun in Washington State”
  1. Any idea what the baton thing is? The profile looks odd to me.

    And yes, had this happened in King County the defender would already be in jail denied bail, I’d guess. As it is, I’d still worry about my family if the nutter actually did have ties to Antifa.

    1. Maybe one of those social distancing electro-zapper things? The baton that delivers a shock?

    2. Some batons have crossguards or mock guards – most of the time it’s the ones that are spring powered, to keep the hand from slipping when the spring does it’s thing.

    3. @it’s just Boris: I’ve seen them in catalogs. It’s a slightly fancier version of an ASP expandable baton with hand guards.

  2. And the baton welding attacker has his identity protected.

    Other than the cross guard that looks like a standard expanding baton.

    1. Maybe they are not protecting his identity?

      Maybe he is a homeless drifter and they cannot ID him?
      Or they cannot locate the next of kin for him?

      There are a lot of lost souls out there, especially in compassionate caring blue states.

      1. I think Therefore was referring to the fact that the criminal had his face blurred out. I can’t imagine any reason for doing that.

  3. What kind of idiot carries, and what irresponsible company makes, a pepper spray dispenser that looks like a handgun?

    and what was up with the guy they interviewed? Why do they always interview the most redneck sounding person in the state when these things happen? How do you even find a guy with that hard of a southern accent in Washington?

    1. Re handgun shaped pepper sprayer dispensers, several companies make them, and one at least is available on amazon.com.

      I get it, in the sense that handguns are the general shape they are because it works well for aiming and firing a small distance weapon with human physiology. So making an OC dispenser in the same basic shape makes a lot of sense … until you start considering other aspects of using that shape.

      1. Lots of things have handgun shapes for that exact reason. Hand drills, hot melt glue guns, soldering guns, impact wrenches, and many more.

        I’m not sure it really matters. The way I look at things, if a criminal uses an OC squirter to attack me, a defensive action with deadly force is appropriate. Whether the law currently understands that is a different question, unfortunately. Then again, “grave bodily harm” is normally “justification” and blinding someone, which OC does, is definitely an example of grave bodily harm

      2. Kimber has their version of a OC dispenser that is handgun (quasi) shaped. Although, it looks more like a cell phone, or a remote control than a firearm.


        And, yes it could be mistaken for a handgun in the heat of the moment. Reason to purchase the bright red one, rather than the grey one, if you ask me

    2. Some Kimber pepper blaster II models have a semitranslucent black shell and can easily pass as a firearm.

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