Definition of Gun Free Zones and how it applies to the new political tone.

It is a hunting reserve for the criminally violent.

District of Columbia is just a huge Gun Free Zone which is why this group not only can threaten violence but will carry it out:

We will find you.

That is a threat worth taking seriously, wouldn’t you say? But they know they can get away with it because they are not only a protected class of modern Brownshirts, but their target is unarmed by law and not able to defend him or herself.

I could not find Smash Racism Hialeah anywhere. I guess a bunch of Cubans chasing your ass for being communist assholes in a restaurant is not appealing to the Cadillac Socialists.

3 Replies to “Definition of Gun Free Zones and how it applies to the new political tone.”

  1. These nouveau libtard fascists talk big behind a keyboard but every person with 2 brain cells to rub together knows they are cowards at heart, since they only go after people they know to be unable to fight back.

    Cowardly dbags in every sense, and why you won’t see them try this crap outside of their libtard “utopias.”

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