Democrat Yellowjackets

If you life in the south, you know just how bad Yellowjackets can be.

Part of what makes Yellowjackets so dangerous is that they release an attack pheromone.  It is a chemical marker that drives all the other Yellowjackets in the hive into a stinging frenzy targeting whatever has the attack pheromone on it.

This pheromone is also released at the point when the Yellowjacket dies.  So if you step on a Yellowjacket, or hit one with your shoe, the pheromone is now on you and it will trigger the rest of the hive to go after you.

They are mean bastards.

This is what the Democratic party has become.

Post-Kavanaugh polling shows that the Republicans are way up in Red states with Blue Senators running for (re)elecction.  The GOP has gotten a huge boost in enthusiasm, while the Democrats have pretty much exhausted the amount of sustainable outrage they can get from the non crazies in their party.

The big picture puts Democrats and Republicans at pretty much a dead heat, the problem is that Republicans start to win elections when they poll as little a five behind.

This may lead to an incredibly rare event in which a sitting President’s party gains in the midterms.  For that to happen to the already “never going to be President” Trump is an unprecedented combination.

The November election isn’t hear yet, but there is a solid chance that the Republicans may actually gain seats in both the House and Senate.

That is the death knell for the Democrats.

Just like Yellowjackets, crushed Democrats are spewing an attack trigger.  They want to create a stinking frenzy in their party.

Here is Hillary Clinton saying that Democrats can’t be civil with Republicans.

Here is Presidential hopeful Eric Holder saying to kill them when they go low.

Oddly, he doesn’t define low, so where it seems that to most of America, backing false allegations of gang rape to destroy a man’s reputation is low, the Democrat definition of low is calling out this partisan bullshit.

Here is CNN’s Brooke Baldwin saying that the mob like attacks on Senators was not a “mob” and that even the word “mob” is a bad word.

Backing her up on that is CNN’s Don Lemon, defending mob behavior as not mob behavior.

The message here is clear.  As long as the Republicans continue to win according to the rules set forth in the Constitution Democrats cannot be civil, and instead must engage in the worst forms of intimidation and thuggish action.

What we saw recently in Portland was allowed because according to the radical Left city goverment, blocking traffic and threatening people with batons is a First Amendment right.

There seems to be no other take away from all of this that the Democrat leadership is giving the crazies of their side carte blanche to be a DNC Storm Detachment while the media will explain how these collegiate Jungsturm blocking traffic, beating people, and intimidating everyone are not really a mob.

If GOP takes the lead in November, don’t be surprised if we see Portland like action in every major city in America.




3 Replies to “Democrat Yellowjackets”

  1. Funny … I read just this morning that the Repubs, now that Kav was sworn in, will not be able to sustain their momentum because their base has nothing to be outraged about. 🙂

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