This story is amazing.

Governor DeSantis signed into law a bill that has two primary provisions:

It is illegal to discuss sexual topics in school with kids in kindergarten through the third grade, that is not age appropriate.

Teachers cannot keep secrets about kids’ personal lives from their parents.

This all seems pretty reasonable, right?

The Left has decided this is the hill to die on.

They are absolutely adamant that they want to teach kindergarten through third grade students about transgenderism, homosexuality, pornography, and sexual degeneracy in the classroom, and not tell parents about how it is affecting their kids.

According to the White House, this bill is horrific.


Their argument is that doing this will harm LGBT youth with bullying and suicide.

What they fail to explain is that suicide rates for kids have been going up, not down.  It seems that the more kids have their innocence taken and have their heads filled with this nonsense, the worse off mentally they are.

My generation didn’t have a problem with girls wanting mastectomies in high school twenty five years ago before this hysteria was thrust upon children.


They are trying weaponize conservatives’ love of free speech against us.


We cannot buy this argument.  This is not a free speech issue.  They are demanding the right of government employees to proselytize gender nonsense to children.

If you don’t let them teach your kindergarten children that they can change graders and have teachers help them pick out their drag names, that’s hate and you’re a bigot.


Of all the histrionics I’ve seen over this bill, this is probably the worst.


A radical Islamist associated with ISIS shoots up a gay night club, not knowing is a gay club, but knowing its a gun free zone and a soft target, and that justifies allowing teachers to sexually groom elementary school children.

They just want to use the Pulse shooting as a cudgel to force you to acquiesce to their insanity.

Lastly, I’ll answer this woman’s question.


I have made this point many times before, the popular option on the gay community started going backwards once you went from clean cut, Will and Grace gay men wanting equality to drag queen story hour and Blues Clues doing a pride parade episode with a transgender beaver having mastectomy scars.

Normal parents do not want homosexuality and transgenderism forced on our kids.  We don’t want heterosexual sex forced on our kids either.

It seems that for a demographic defined by their sexual predilection, everything is about sex with them.  Normal straight people do not talk to children about heterosexual sex frequently, and those that do are highly suspicious.

We just want them to leave our kids alone to their innocence and they want constant sexual indoctrination all the time.

The only positive here is that I think they underestimate the backlash that will come from normal parents wondering why their elementary school children can’t read but know all the different pronouns.

If the Left wants to die on this hill, I will be happy to accommodate them with woodchippers.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Democrats are apoplectic that Governor DeSantis won’t let them groom children”
  1. I think you meant: Teachers cannot keep secrets about kids’ personal lives from their parents.

    I admit I’m astonished at this level of disconnect from the Dems. But then, it’s yet another cudgel to swing at their opponents. So why be concerned about truth?

    1. Toast, I don’t think this is disconnect from the Dems, this is intentional. The more buckets they can put people in, the more division they can create, the easier it is to control everyone. You just have to pit one person with high intersectionality (the more minority groups you belong to the better) against someone more privileged and let the fire grow. Like you said its a cudgel against their opponents.

  2. Simple way to tell if ANYTHING is good or bad..
    If democrats want it, its bad
    If democrats are against it, its GOOD for America
    We the People are living in a tinder box and the match is being lit….

    1. I generally agree, with the caveat that you have to be careful thinking like this.

      If you stand opposed to everything your opponents say they want, you’re letting your opponents make your policy decisions for you. That’s not a good place to be, especially in those rare cases in which they get something right, or the “legislative rope-a-dope” in which they openly support or oppose a proposed bill while knowing that amendments are in the works that will substantially change it. (As an aside, these tactics aren’t difficult to understand; I don’t know why the GOP doesn’t use them to trip up the Dems, too.)

      But as a general rule, it’s not unreasonable to be HIGHLY skeptical of any policy or legislation they support. Do your research, and then decide based on the actual merits, not the Dems’ open support or opposition.

  3. This has nothing to do with gay/trans rights, and everything to do with trashing DeSantis.
    Anecdotal evidence here, but there are just not that many gay/trans children. I find it difficult to believe that over the past 20 years or so we suddenly became a country where straight is now the minority.
    This is more about destroying the norm than it is about saving children, or supporting gay/bi/trans rights.
    Leftists are children, toddlers really. When they see something that is not ideal, not perfect, they destroy it. This is no different.

  4. First how many children from 5-10 commute suicide? I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is actually 0.

    I think the gender stuff isn’t appropriate for young children myself, but I’m also concerned that hammering this nail with the bulldozer of gov will have its own I’ll effects.

    1. The Dems talk big about “saving lives”, but their legislative actions never support that talk; how many gun-related bills, sold as measures to prevent “blood in the streets”, have actually saved lives? It also wouldn’t surprise me if the number of suicides in the 5-10 age range was zero or close to it, and sex- and gender-related suicides would be a sub-set of that (read: could be zero, even if the total number is not zero).

      Thus, no matter how much sexual education kindergartners have forced on them, it won’t save lives.

      What it will do is foster confusion about what should be a very simple issue. That state of mental and emotional confusion is where indoctrination and sexual grooming happen.

      Those are the points we should be hammering over and over:
      1. Sexual grooming cannot happen to stable and healthy kids; there’s a reason groomers and traffickers are known to prey on the weak and vulnerable.
      2. Age-inappropriate “LGBT-friendly” sex-ed seems designed to confuse and destabilize — and create the perfect conditions for grooming in whole classrooms of otherwise-ungroomable kids.

      And the Democrats are firmly on board with all this. (You can add this as #3 to the list above if you want.)

      So tell me again how the Democrat Party is not the party of perverts and pedophiles. I’d love to hear this.

  5. Just saw this
    One take away I had from reading that is suicide among transgenders may be on the rise, but no one talks about the reason.
    The proponents of this bill seem to think transgenders are suiciding because of bullying and lack of acceptance. I have an alternate theory.
    Who really are the bullies? And, are the suicides really trans? Those that are pushing for this “affirming” stuff will have you believe they are driven to suicide because people like DeSantis are passing laws that forbid grooming. Once a boy says “I wish I was a girl” (or the opposite) regardless of age, they are “trans” and when they suicide, it is a transgender suiciding, not a straight/CIS individual who was forced to live a lie suiciding.
    The girl in that article was, in my opinion, 100% driven to suicide by the transgender groomers, not because straight/CIS society would not accept her transition to male.

  6. This will actually have a positive effect on reducing childhood suicide rates. And young adult suicide rates. That is, if this is allowed to stand. Still waiting on whether some federal or state court throws it out.

    And total proof that for the most part, Florida is on the right side of life.

    Now we have to address that Constitutional Carry thing.

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