For years we had to put up with the Supreme court handing down decisions based on what outcome the left wanted. The court was stacked heavily to the left. The great legal minds of the left on the court were looking for ways to modify the law in order to get the outcome they wanted.

You can see this in the disent on Bruen. The disent spends page after page telling us why guns are bad and how horrible it is that people die from gunshots. When they finally get around to arguing on the basis of the law, the major point is that there wasn’t evidence.

There was evidence, the evidence was given directly to the court during oral arguments.

In addition to the left leaning justices, we had justices that would do their best to do the least. Roberts works unendingly to make sure that decisions on the right are as limited in scope as possible. Read about how he was working to limit the scope of Dobbs if you want an idea of the sort of effort he puts in.

Even when he joins in an opinion he is likely to attempt to limit the scope of the decision.

The best of the left leaning justices was Ruth. While I didn’t like her decisions, she worked hard to find law to support her opinions. Kagan is out there telling the world that the court will be delegitimized if they don’t make the decisions she wants.

Having spent years owning the court, the left is now having a fit over no longer owning the court. People that were perfectly happy when the court was 6-3 left are now screaming that 6-3 right is stacked. Rules For Thee, Not For Me.

In response the left threatened to pack the court. To add so many justices to the court that it would be generations before it could be turned conservative again. There was talk of adding as many as 9 new justices, all to be appointed right now.

Court packing isn’t making any headway. It didn’t happen the last time a Democrat in office tried it. It is dead in the water today.

So of course the Democrats have to change the rules. Just like the killed the filibuster for court appointments when Obama was in office, as soon as they lost the Senate they wanted the filibuster back. When the Republicans killed the filibuster for Supreme court appointments, the left lost their minds.

Today’s latest rule change? Term limits on all justices.

The bill, 2021-2022 H.R. 8500 “Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act of 2022”

This bill has been introduced but there is no official text at The Library of Congress, it is only available at the congressman’s site: To amend title 28, United States Code, to provide for the duration of active service of justices of the Supreme Court, and for other purposes

The bill would limit the term of each justice to 18 years. In the first and third year of each president’s term, they would appoint one new justice. The longest serving justice would then be “retired”.

This means that a two term president would be able to appoint 4 new justices.

All of this to avoid having the constitution read as written and not some magic 8-ball that always gives the answer a left leaning justice wants.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Democrats can’t stand losing”
  1. Hmmm… there’s that pesky Article III Section 1, but how many divisions does the Supreme Court have?

    I’ve noticed over the years that Republicans sometimes push to amend the Constitution for frivolous reasons, while Democrats don’t bother with amendments but simply redefine or ignore any provisions they find inconvenient.

  2. Was listening to Dan Bonginos podcast. He had a clip of dear ol dottering drunk pelosi rambling on about “democrats have no intention of losing the house and senate”.. they hate to lose.. heres hoping.. even bill mahr is seeing the light.

  3. You might think ruth was the best libtardian, but she was still a fucking pile of shit. Glad she has FINALLY been recycled, like all manure.

    1. Not quite what I was trying to say. I was trying to say that she was the best at attempting to base her opinions on law, not on desired outcome.

      1. She based a lot of her insanity on foreign case law, not the Constitution. SCOTUS purview is ONLY the Constitution.

  4. Democrats don’t like losing – nobody does.
    Democrats, to my observation, tend to be “sore losers” – they will kick over the board, make up new rules, or just ignore them in order to win. And they will lie about what just happened to paint themselves as a hero. (Witness what’s coming out of the Biden administration re recession, prices, the border, et cetera ad nauseum.)

  5. Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments proposed almost exactly this. However, the terms were, if I remember correctly, 12 years, and 1/3rd of the court would be appointed every four years. (Not sure I got the numbers correct there. Shared that book out years ago, and have no idea where it is now.)

    This would give any President the opportunity to appoint three Justices each term. Yes, that might mean the court could swing liberal or conservative, but that swing would be for as little as four years. And, since it is very unusual for the same party to hold the WH for three terms, the odds of all nine justices being liberal or conservative is low.

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