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Inflation soars to an over 40-year high. These are the ways Americans are coping

Clay Watkins loves LaCroix brand sparkling water — especially the watermelon flavor.

So the suburban Chicago school teacher was excited when he spotted it on sale at his local grocery store: two packages for $8.

“I went to grab the package and I was like, ‘Wait a second,'” Watkins recalls.

He was surprised to find a package that once held 12 cans of sparkling water had been downsized to 8 — with no change in price — a common practice known as “shrinkflation.”

“I’m not a mathematician,” he says. “I teach science. But I think that’s a 33% price increase.”

The Labor Department said Friday that consumer prices in May were 8.6% higher than a year ago — the largest increase since December of 1981. Prices rose 1% between April and May, led by jumps in the price of gasoline, groceries and rent.

Davey says since that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushed gasoline prices through the roof even middle-income consumers have begun pushing back against price hikes. They’re increasingly turning to discount stores and opting for cheaper generic products.

Joanne Lee buys regular eggs now, not the more-expensive, free-range kind she prefers. She’s traded down on her salad toppings as well.

“There’s a certain crouton that I like. But that is like $1.50 more than the generic Kroger brand, so I’ve switched over,” Lee says. “They’re not bad. But they’re not the quality that I usually like.”

LaCroix is the favorite swill of AWFLs, so it can go to $8 a can for all I give a fuck, and I hope it does.

This whole article is just grotesque in its framing:

Woe into the poor bottom rung of the elite who are forced to buy the store brand of their favorite elite free range organic products like the rest of us haven’t been scrimping and saving on generics and buying in bulk for a while now.

But maybe this is a good thing. When some AWFL has to settle for generic zero calorie artificial fruit flavored carbonated piss-water over the brand with the elitist French name, maybe she can Karen at a Democrat fund raiser and they might actually fucking do something.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Democrats might actually do something about inflation now”
  1. Croutons are more or less deep fried bread.

    Tell me again how teachers are soooooo poor.

    Also: “I’m not a mathematician, I teach science.”

    Good god keep that imbecile away from students.

    1. Back when I studied science it was supposed to be a ‘numerate’ subject. Clearly not any more; I make that a 50% increase. Of course nowadays “science” mostly means ‘Global Warming! Wah!!’ so no numbers necessary.

      1. No, actually, it’s “climate change!” “Global warming” would be falsifiable, so it’s not reliable enough as a political propaganda tool. “Climate change” is its replacement, chosen for the simple reason that there has been climate change ever since there was a climate, and will continue to be so long as Earth has an atmosphere. (Ask any dinosaur.)
        I’ll believe in anthropogenic global warming just as soon as someone explains to me why the Earth was several degrees warmer in the days of Julius Caesar.

  2. I wish inflation was calculated as it was in 1981, it would show the truth of 20-25% inflation, worst in a century.

  3. Putins invasion…. Ya ok. Notice how STUPID liberals are??? Its never another liberals fault. Fuk this guy and all the rest of them. You reap what you sow…

  4. This article is a good thing…if the liberal elites are feeling the pain, then that means TPTB are moving too hard and too fast. It happened in San Fran with Chesa Bodouin – hardcore dems got sick of the crime and recalled his terrorist raised ass.

    Most normal folks are already making concessions, the coastal apartment dwellers should too.

    This WSJ article (just watch the video) was great at taking some of he wind out of the EV fan club’s sails. The EV experience isn’t everything its cracked up to be:

  5. The only thing the demoncrats will do about infation, is make it worse, as fast as possible. It is part & parcel of their plans to destroy America.

      1. Urban Dictionary has it as ‘affluent white female liberal,’ but ‘affluent white fucking liberal’ works great too.

      2. Affluent White Female Liberal.

        Nancy Pelosi is the archetype but your average HOA Nazi Karen also qualifies.

  6. The guy is a science teacher? It’s a 50% price increase – not 33%. You can easily see that for the cost of 48 cans – previously, 4 packs x $/pack – and now, 6 packs x $/pack. 50% increase. I’m betting he’s a public school teacher … jeez.

  7. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but in my neck of the woods, Kroger is one of the more expensive groceries. I generally shop at Food Lion, which is 15-20% cheaper.

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