I watched Deputy Episode 10 – School Ties, last night on the DVR.

It is crystal clear by now that this is not a cop show.  It is a vehicle for woke politics.  The first few episodes had some woke in them but were still police procedurals.  This last episode made the switch.

The plot of the episode was that there were break-ins in a rich neighborhood and the usual methods of stopping them were not working.  It ends up that the robberies were not being done for money but for social media likes and the robbers were some rich kids from the neighborhood.

The robbers were getting around the homes’ wi-fi security cameras long enough to get inside and deactivate the wi-fi systems.  They do not explain this well, and only by knowing the name of the episode do you get the idea that the kids were robbing the homes of their school friends so knew where the cameras and routers were.

This whole mystery takes about half the episode and is poorly carried out.  There are no real twists or anything like in Law & Order or CSI or any other real cop show.

The major arc of the episode was the Sheriff’s Assistant’s (Bishop) love life.

Bishop came out as non-binary last episode. This episode, she came out as non-binary to her lesbian girlfriend.

The girlfriend reacts poorly and after some scenes of struggle, breaks up with Bishop.

The girlfriend’s rather logical argument is that she’s a lesbian, which means she’s a woman who likes and is sexually attracted to other women.  If Bishop isn’t a woman, but something else, then as a lesbian, Bishop is not the girlfriend’s cup of tea.

The girlfriend feels betrayed by the revelation that Bishop is something other than a woman and is hurt.  Bishop says they (Bishop makes it very clear that their pronouns are they) were still trying to figure out exactly who they are.  Bishop is hurt that the girlfriend doesn’t instantly come around and accept Bishop for who they are.

Here is the thing.  The girlfriend is portrayed as the bad guy.  She is wrong and intolerant of the non-binary and Bishop is the victim for not being able to be honest bout “their truth.”

Bishop freaks out in an Uber and gets dropped off on the side of the freeway and the Sheriff shows up to rescue them.

Then, in an amazing show of weakness, this hard-charging old cowboy of a Sheriff, who wears cowboy boots, carries a wheel gun, drives 1978 Ford Bronco black and white, rides horses, and can track a kidnapper through the mountains like an old Indian, askes “so what do I call you?” and says “you have to live your truth.”

A while ago I read an open letter in The Guardian A letter to … my transgender husband: why did it have to be all about you?  It struck a chord.

I’m glad you figured it out, and started down this path. I have always wanted the best for you. Our relationship ended not because you were trans, but because as you explored this new side of yourself, it felt as if the only person who mattered to you was you.

You told me you spent years trying to deny the truth to yourself. I think that’s why it was so hard for me to face your hurt when I said I needed time to come to terms with it. If it took you years to accept something that “felt right” to you, how could I instantly accept it? I asked for time, and you refused.

I have read several other internet posts that are similar.

This is the central issue with the trans/non-binary situation.  You may have your truth, but you cannot make us give up our (objective) truth to accommodate your feelings.

Consider that most of us have a hard time wrapping our minds around this to begin with.  I am a man.  I know what it is like to feel like a man.  I do not know what it is to feel like a woman or anything else but a man.  That is because I’ve lived my entire life as a physical man.

For someone who is a man to say “I feel like a woman” or “I feel like something other than a man.”  All I can say is “how do you know how to feel like something other than what you are?”

If you didn’t grow up from a girl into a woman, if you didn’t experience a first period and all the physical symptoms that go along with that, or developing breasts and having to buy the first bra, and all of the emotional struggles that go along with both of those, then how do you know what it means to be a woman?

For the non-binary, it’s even more difficult.  Especially because when non-binary people are asked what it means to be non-binary, their answers are enigmatic and the representatives of the non-binary community all look like weirdos.  Seriously, on both sides of the pond, just weirdos.

Deputy has jumped into this fray on the side of “just instantly accept us for exactly what we say we are, without question, and if you are not instantly on board with it, you are a bigot.”

This is the most extreme fringe of the non-binary/trans movement.

I think this is exactly where Deputy lost any chance at a renew.

The cases that they are solving are boring and clearly an afterthought to being a vehicle for a non-binary agenda.

I also watch 9-1-1 on Fox (9-1-1 Lone Start was awful, but the original in LA still holds up).  In the first season, the black female LAPD officer’s husband comes out as gay.  He says essentially that he always knew he was gay but he couldn’t be gay and a black man, but now that it’s socially acceptable he wants to come out.  There is some emotional struggle but they get an amicable divorce and have joint custody fo the kids, who eventually come around.

For something that is a woke topic, it didn’t feel like it was handled in a woke, heavy-handed moralizing way.  All the characters were sympathetic.

Deputy just shoved a bunch of woke bullshit in your face.

I have a feeling I’m going to ride this train wreck into its inevitable conclusion.  I don’t know why.  I guess it’s for the same reason some people watch some doctor pop pimples on TLC.


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By J. Kb

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