The prison grade single ply asswipe that is the Miami Hearld published this article:

DeSantis’ racist vision of Florida calls for a new, overdue civil rights movement

It was about time Florida’s Black leadership got mad. Really, really mad. Enough to descend on the Capitol Rotunda, bring in a big-name lawyer and stake a vigorous claim in the fight for the rights of African Americans, under threat from a hostile state government and its policy enforcers at the local level.

Too much is at stake — the downgrading of educational programs and the suppression of voting and civil rights to accommodate the ideals of a white, ultra-conservative, Christian-only prism — not only for Florida, but for the nation as well. “We are here to give notice to Gov. DeSantis,’’ said civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who was surrounded by a cheering crowd that should’ve been a lot larger, as urgent times demand.

“If he does not negotiate with the College Board to allow AP African-American Studies to be taught in the classrooms across the state of Florida,” he said, “these three young people will be the lead plaintiffs.’’ Beside Crump stood a Black female, a white female and a Black male, all Leon County high-school students. They became eloquent visuals to emphasize a point that hasn’t been made strongly enough: While DeSantis sold his “parental rights” restrictions as only affecting younger students, that’s far from the truth.

What’s happening with the revision of African-American studies is the result of the spate of DeSantis measures passed — from crackdowns on absentee voting to educational reforms that whitewash Black history and bad-mouth gayness.

Our fight for an inclusive Florida isn’t a local fight anymore. Of course, DeSantis may welcome the return fire for the headlines it will generate. But what’s the alternative? Letting him demean, diminish and erase communities on his way to the White House?

Let me give you a little hint:

If Ben Crump us involved in any way, that’s the definitive proof that it’s a racist gift that in no way actually helps black people.  He is AL Sharpton with a law degree.

DeSantis was right to reject the AP African-American Studies program.

According to Forbes:

The course has four major units: history of the African diaspora, the period of slavery and abolition in the U.S., African American experiences since slavery was abolished, and various Black movements and debates including feminism, Black Power and the Civil Rights movement, along with African American experiences today.

Within those four units, there are 102 smaller subtopics that cover history, culture and concepts like cultural appropriation and “postracial racism,” including Juneteenth, the Harlem Renaissance, literature, music, military service and Black suffrage.

The Florida Department of Education said the state’s rejection of the course was based on six of those sub-topics: Intersectionality and Activism; Black Queer Studies; Movements for Black Lives; Black Feminist Literary Thought; the Reparations Movement and Black Study and Black Struggle in the 21st Century.

It cited such concerns as “intersectionality being central to [Critical Race Theory],” course materials advocating for reparations and abolishing prisons, and readings by such thinkers as Bell Hooks, who the state complained authored “intersectionality texts” and wrote about the “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

Black Queer Studies and reparations.

Sounds like topic that are just radical Leftist grievance mongering.

The Left has shot well past the soft bigotry of low expectations.

It is now fully invested in teaching minority children nothing useful and only that they are victims of discrimination and will never advance in society – without utterly destroying society in a racialized (Marxist) revolution.

The same teachers who promote this bullshit promote 2+2=5.

Churning out kids with no skills who will only survive on government welfare and turn to activism.

By challenging this, DeSantis is leading a new Civil Rights movement.  Demanding black students be taught useful information that doesn’t turn them into future welfare dependants.

The next step is to take every teacher who teaches 2+2=5, gender bending garbage, and all that other useless bullshit and send them to a gulag.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “DeSantis is leading a new civil rights movement”
  1. They are beginning to forget the rules. Specifically Rule #7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
    When everything is racist, then nothing is racist. How about trying something new? Oh, wait. They only have one tool, a hammer, and everything is a nail.

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