FPOLITICO Playbook: Scarred DeSantis staffers form a support group


We talked to a dozen or so onetime aides and consultants to the Florida governor, and they all said the same thing: DeSantis treats staff like expendable widgets. He largely relies on a brain trust of two: himself and his wife, CASEY DESANTIS, a former local TV journalist. Beyond that there are few, if any, “DeSantis people,” as far as political pros are concerned.

This is something normal Americans need to know and are starting to understand:

Every single Ivy League/elite college-educated staffer/advisor/consultant/think thank expert/etc. is a useless fucking know-nothing that has zero practical experience and gets everything wrong always and should never be taken seriously ever again and forever.

It was this class of people who made sure every US response to the COVID-19 pandemic was wrong.

The biggest problem I have with Trump is that he still got suckered into listening to these people.

What should have happened is that Trump should have gone with his gut on everything and Donald Jr. and Jared Kusher should have taken the career political experts up in Marine One and played human lawn darts with them on the National Mall.

A Republican who does not listen to these professional political shit-weasels is doing it right.

A “support group” of former DeSantis staffers meets regularly to trade war stories about their hardship working for the governor. The turnover in his office and among his campaign advisers is well known among Republicans: In three of his five full years in Congress, he ranked in at least the 70th percentile in terms of highest turnover in a House office, according to data compiled by Legistorm. In the governor’s office, he has only two staffers who started with him when he was a junior member of Congress.

Neutron Jack Welsh was famous for purging shit managers to save GE.  Given what DeSantis has accomplished in Florida it seems he has no problem purging useless shit staffers.

“Throughout my time as Chief of Staff, the Governor empowered me to make sure that everyone who worked for him had the best interests of the state at heart,” Strum wrote. “We didn’t tolerate leakers, and we didn’t tolerate grifters. Fortunately, aside from some individuals we had to part with early in the administration, the Governor has had a strong and loyal team, who he appreciates.”

But many former DeSantis aides we spoke with told a different story. They did not want to be quoted by name because of potential professional repercussions.

“Loyalty and trust, that is not a currency he deals in,” one said. “It’s him and Casey. But everyone else is like a disposable piece of garbage.”

Let that sink in.  The governor fires leakers and grifters.  A staffer says “that’s not true” as he airs the dirty laundry to Politico, demonstrating exactly why it was a good judge of character that he got fired.

Say this much for DeSantis: Whatever he’s doing has worked for him so far. In eight years, he’s risen from 34-year-old freshman congressman to governor of a powerhouse state and potential heir apparent to Trump as leader of the Republican Party.

Rep. MATT GAETZ (R-Fla.), who led his gubernatorial transition, put it this way: “To date, he’s risen in part due to his willingness to bet on himself over the political-industrial complex.”

And it’s worked for the State of Florida, which is kicking the shit out of New York and California, one governor is getting recalled and the other should be going to prison.

This is a bunch of career political dingleberries, the little pieces of shit that hang onto the assess of politicians, pissing and moaning that they got fired for being worthless to the most effective governor in the county today.

For the career political dingleberry class in DC, this is a horror show.  For the rest of us, the news that a possible President will flush away the career political dingleberries is a ringing endorsement.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “DeSantis oppo makes me like him more”
  1. “Donald Jr. and Jared Kusher should have taken the career political experts up in Marine One and played human lawn darts with them on the National Mall.”
    Jared Kusher actually is not a solution, but a problem. A very big one.

  2. They seem scared that someone might figure out that a degree, even from an Ivy League school is… well…. pretty much meaningless. It requires real work experience, and some actual problem solving skills to be successful. Getting a degree, especially in the softer skill stuff, demonstrates that you can read, and regurgitate the material. Nothing more.

    One thing that Trump was good at, and should have been better at, was demanding results. Career bureaucrats and self important “know it alls” were left in position WAY longer than they should have been.

    If DeSantis is not tolerating these whiners, that just makes him smarter in my book.

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