The core philosophy of the Left is thar there is no problem that can’t be solved by killing the right people.

They honestly believe they can murder their way into utopia.

If they can’t achieve their rainbow paradise with persuasion they will murder their way into getting it.

We will see more of this.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Describing their core political philosophy out loud”
  1. Leftists continue to demonstrate that they have the reasoning skills of toddlers.
    Somehow, a mentally ill person kills six people, and in their world, it was the government that caused it, and everyone should be mad at the government for it. Not the killer…
    It is always someone else’s fault.

  2. It’s also apples vs. oranges. So… first and foremost, the murderer was 28, and therefore none of the bills in question had any standing on her. Second, none of the bills are currently in effect (that I know of). They go into effect later in the year, but not yet, so the murderer was not affected by them. Third, I can be irritated about the bills and still know that the murderer was just that, a murderer, and that it had and has nothing to do with activism. Four, the murderer was a sick person, not because they were trans (or not trans, or whatever) but because they were suicidal and had mental health problems.
    The only positive thing I can say about this (aside from praise for the cops) is that there doesn’t appear to have been any great failing of the mental health system over this murderer. Her one suicidal statement was seen by the friend, and immediately reported to the police, who were already breaching the school at the time the call was made. Near as I can tell, everything in this case was done right. It also appears that at least one of the adults was killed because after she secured her kids, she went towards the gunfire to try and stop things. I’m sorry she’s dead, but heroes go toward gunfire.

    1. Hagar, do not make the mistake of assuming the woman in the TikTok video is thinking rationally, or even at an adult level about this. In her world, and the world of the shooter (if the TN law was in fact a factor in her decision to kill) are thinking like preschoolers. Just because they reached a certain age, does not mean they are rational adults.
      Imagine if you were to talk to a five/six year old about something (granted, it would have to be something the five year old could grasp, transgender rights are too adult) what would you expect as their response. Let’s say the teacher takes away some toy they were fiddling with during a lesson, or puts them into a time out in the corner because of bad behavior. A five/six year old would be mad at the teacher. I know I was when I was in grade school. “Mrs. Wallace just hates the kids!” No, she didn’t, but that was good enough logic for the first grader in me. Too many of the folks posting videos like this are using the same level of thinking/rationalization.
      These people are not thinking “It does not effect me, so I should calm down.” They are thinking that things need to be destroyed because they do not like it. If the murderer was really angry about the new TN law, and she was an adult (mentally) , should would have shot at the legislators, not the children.

      1. Oh, I totally agree with you. One of the things I often see in my left friends and acquaintances is that their “feels” often overcome their rational minds. I sometimes get accused of not having feelings, because I don’t emote along with everyone. And I get it. When I was younger, I very much emoted at every chance. Things don’t have to be logical when you’re having feelings.
        Feelings are important, in my very strong opinion. I just don’t think they should be the leading factor in how one runs one’s life. My feelings happen, and I explore the whys and wherefores, and sometimes that leads to changes in my environment or in me. What I refuse to do is externalize it.
        If I am upset with the gov’t for enacting something, I try to change that. There are many ways to do so… talking to my legislators, writing to congress critters, protests, boycotts, and talking to other people in an attempt to sway their opinions. Some ways work better than others, and there are situations for each.
        What the left has learned, of late, is that if you shoot someone then you make changes. This is VERY dangerous. They are right, of course… but they don’t understand that the shooter then lives with that for the rest of their lives, along with the destruction to others. They’re very much like Middle Eastern suicide bombers – riled up and made to feel so intensely that it crowds out all other thinking and feeling, until they realize that they’d be happier dead, because at least they “would have done something”.
        I don’t mind people who say, “This doesn’t affect me directly but I have a strong opinion on it,” and then go on to learn and grow and maybe enact changes. Nothing wrong with that. Just don’t shoot up schools or suicide bomb. I honestly think that might be next. 🙁

        1. Hagar:
          You may lean left, but you are an adult, and you think like an adult. So, more of a liberal than a leftist. This very response proves it to me.
          “Feelings are important, in my very strong opinion. I just don’t think they should be the leading factor in how one runs one’s life. “
          I want to add “public policy” at the end of that sentence as well.

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