After the Parkland shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods made a big deal about a corporate decision to stop selling AR pattern rifles and destroying $5 million guns they had in inventory.

They were doing it for the children.

Well, after Dobbs, Dick’s Sporting Goods made another announcement.  They would give every employee up to $4,000 to have an abortion.

If they destroyed guns “for the children,” then what are they destroying children for?


Progressive values.


How many more children will be murdered, subsidized by Dick’s than would have ever been killed by an AR they sold to a law abiding citizen?

These moralizing companies are not good.  They are evil.

Any company that pays you to murder your own child in the womb is not your friend.  They are your enemy, destroying the root of love and fulfillment, having a family, to keep you as a low cost employee.

They are paying employees to murder their children for Progressive social credit and to reduce their employee costs.




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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods is f*cking evil”
  1. Take a group of like minded friends to Dick’s. Each of you fill a cart full of various items from throughout the store. Move right up to the cashier. Leave them there and walk out, telling the manager on the way why you are doing this peaceful protest of their corporate policy.

  2. “Company President and CEO Lauren Hobart posted the announcement to her LinkedIn page”
    Why was this posted on her LinkedIn page? Because it is all about getting the progressive social credit, and not about saving lives, protesting against the SCOTUS decision, or helping employees. Hobart wants progressives likes, and thinks they are more valuable than a successful company.

  3. I stopped buying from Dick’s after they pulled the stunt with the AR-15’s. This just reaffirms my decision.

  4. While dick’s are a bunch of dicks this isn’t really abnormal. A lot of other companies are basically stating they will do the same thing: provide and pay for travel for their workers that want to get an abortion. It’s purely for the money. It is cheaper than maternity leave. The company pays a couple thousand dollars in travel costs and their employees only gone for a couple days. Instead of paying maternity leave which is about six weeks. Six weeks of time paid to an employee who is not working. It’s being done for financial and pragmatic reasons. they just say it’s for their employees rights. Most large companies do not give a shit about their employees. Some more are now because they can’t replace the employees that they are losing but again that is only for pragmatic reasons. The only thing these companies care about is money. And not just getting more money but getting all the money. They want every penny they can get. They want to squeeze every penny out of every employee that they have. The only reason we are given vacation time, sick time and maternity leave, those things is because it legally mandated. That is literally it. The clout and brownie points are just a bonus.

  5. Again;
    I suggest all the male employees identify as female, pregnant and in need of abortion. Remember, book your travel methods for tomorrow, tickets cost more that way. If they want an abortion receipt, I’ll give you one.

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