Brought to you by the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board.

This is a quote from the editorial:

The dictator in the governor’s office is also a shrewd politician.

He ordered the state to reopen, even as he allowed state employees who work under him to continue working from home. He declared Florida was open for business even as most of the state Capitol was off limits to the public.

OMG!  He let people be people again! Her stopped the few idiotic pandemic restrictions remaining! How dare him!

And when the evidence does not support your claim, make stuff up, lie to your readers.

By the stroke of a pen, DeSantis decided how and where you can protest, with his recent signing of House Bill 1, miscast as the “anti-riot” bill.

We have covered HB 1 in this blog and have gone directly to read the text* and figure out what was in it. None of the accusations the Sun Sentinel and other Media has made were even remotely close to a shadow of the truth, unless they interpret “protest” as the ability to loot, burn and injure innocents at will under the excuse of “mostly peaceful protest.”

I saved the opening of the editorial for last because it is too good to pass up:

Ron DeSantis became governor of Florida by less than half of one percentage point — 32,463 votes, to be exact. DeSantis failed to receive a majority of votes cast, when you add the votes of minor-party candidates. But he wants you to forget how close he came to losing and he works every day to make you think he won in a landslide.

Do you notice something missing from that paragraph?  The name of the Democratic candidate is not mentioned. The name of the candidate who was supposed to be on his way to possibly be the future Obama endorsed by all the smart peoples and Liberal intelligentsia of Florida isn’t not mentioned. I wonder why?


Andrew Gillum. The Media never properly vetted the New Black Hope or if they did (which I am willing to bet on) they decided to stay mum because the party needed the win. Now imagine how Florida would have been under a failed mayor with a serious addiction problem and a lovely predilection for male prostitutes.

But DeSantis is a Dictator and that comes from the Propaganda machine that would have made Goebbels proud in its deception and misinformation.

UPDATE: This is a comment from a buddy in Facebook.

He’s a “dictator” because he’s telling all the municipalities in FL that they’re not allowed to use CV19 to exercise dictatorial powers.
Ergo, he’s a “dictator” for telling democrats that they’re not allowed to act like dictators.

I believe that not a single South Florida newspaper has linked HB1 or any of the bills they hated in their articles perhaps once or twice but mostly they did an out-of-context quote. I may have forgotten once or twice, but it has been my duty to always bring you the link to the latest version of a bill so you and only you can decided on what says… or does not say. 

Always go to the source material.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

3 thoughts on “Dictator, you keep using that word… (UPDATE)”
  1. The left is afraid he might run for president, so they have to crank up the smear machine…

  2. He must be the only dictator that wants his “subjects” to have as much freedom as possible.

    DeSantis is as bad at dictating as Trump was at racism.

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