I caught this Tweet of Joy Reid’s hyperbolic statements on the effect the Senate’s impeachment decision:

Did you catch that?

“You’ve got the Saudis, you’ve got Israel, you’ve got Israel, you’ve got all sorts of countries that make have an interest in who becomes the next United States President.”


Not China?

China, the country that is attempting world domination?

The one that launched an initiative called the Thousand Talents Program to bribe and coerce people with unique technical knowledge to come to China and bring their proprietary information with them.  It is “economic espionage and theft of intellectual property.”

The Chinese use various forms of leverage and coercion to force American companies to divulge trade secrets, and what they refuse to divulge, the Chinese steal.  Chinese IP theft is vicious and includes military technology.  China’s air force is nothing more than a counterfeit Louis Vuitton purse knockoff of our and the Russian’s best fighter aircraft including the advanced stealth and electro-optical targeting system from the F-35.

And we’re not sure how they got that.

That Trump has taken this threat seriously and stymied the Chinese makes China the most likely candidate to want to influence our elections.  You could put even money on China wanting a Biden or a Clinton to be President.  Someone who for the cost of giving every Presidential family member a $100 million salary on a company board (which would be a drop in the ocean for China) could guarantee them the plans for a US aircraft carrier, hypersonic missile, stealth bomber, and whatever else they want.

But no.  That never crossed Joy’s mind.

But a few million JOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS in one of America’s closes allies, they are going to totally steal America’s democracy and implement totalitarianism.

It’s the little things like this which are the most telling sometimes.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Did anybody catch what Joy Reid said?”
  1. Little-known fact: “Joy” is her middle name. Her full name is “Lacking Joy Reid”.

    Seriously — look at her expression. That is a seriously angry woman.

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