On Oct 16th, 2022 somebody decided that a electronic message board alongside I-93 in NH could be put to better use than “Shoulder Closed, 1/2 Mile Ahead.”

The despicable evil person parked somewhere near before making their way to the control box. They managed to open the control box with no reported damage. At that point the reprogrammed the sign to flash an entirely different message.

One that was so disrespectful and rude.

A construction crew was called out. They found the vanalized message board and immediately turned it around so as to not offend anybody driving past. With a little bit of effort they were able to shut it down.

PSA: Do not go to unattended roadside message boards and reprogram them to say “Fuck Joe Biden.”

That is all.
NH DOT sign in Manchester vandalized to display vulgar message about Biden

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By awa

4 thoughts on “Digital Vandalizim”
  1. “…so as to not offend anybody driving past.”

    What about the people who are offended by the person that occasionally leaves Delaware to visit the White House?

    1. Occasionally physically, but never mentally. I think Dementia Joe lives in his mental basement at all times.

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