“Disney ‘die-in’ protest canceled to avoid ‘trauma’ to kids ” (Bullsh*t)

TALLAHASSEE – Tourists planning an Orlando theme park trip don’t have to worry about stepping around sprawled-out activists after all.
A “die-in” protest at an unspecified Walt Disney Co. property initially planned for June has been called off, a co-founder of a gun control advocacy group said Monday.
“People were saying ‘you’re going to traumatize children,’” said Nurah Abdulhaqq, a Georgia teen who helped start the group, called National Die In. She said she feared a public backlash if the group went forward with the protest.

Disney ‘die-in’ protest canceled to avoid ‘trauma’ to kids

J. Kb. mentioned in another post: If you are in Florida, you know damn well not to Fuck with the Mouse. My take is that they were told something like , “Listen, I understand your zeal, but Disney has zero sense of humor when it comes to shit like this. They own Orange county, will have you arrested and our friends and relatives may be fired or placed in shit jobs. So thank you, but no thank you.”

Disney is like a ruthless mob with cute cartoon characters and princesses .

Hat Tip Tommy C.

3 Replies to ““Disney ‘die-in’ protest canceled to avoid ‘trauma’ to kids ” (Bullsh*t)”

  1. That’s why I love them.

    They could hold their die-in on Disney property, away from the attractions. Then the gators could make it an honest event.

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