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5 thoughts on “Do mini gun barrels get hot?”
  1. I remember an article about a test to see how well guns would stand up to poor care. Not sure of the source, perhaps Patrick Sweeney. It involved a government test of Sig handguns, which were fired rapidly until they got too hot to handle, then dunked into cold water to cool them off, then firing continued. No cleaning was done; the idea was to see how long they would go before malfunctioning. I think they reached 20k rounds before calling it a day (no failures).

  2. 3rd hand story, but a friend’s dad was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, and he said the mini guns on his chopper would spool down after a certain period of fire to allow cooling. But if you repeatedly pressed the trigger you could fool the system, and it would burn out the gun.

    1. I’m seeing linked 7.62×51 Lake City for sale for $129 for 200 rounds.

      The Dillon Aero M134 fires 3,000 rpm.

      39 seconds of actual firing at 3,000 rpm = 1,950 rounds = $1,257.75

      Give or take a second, it took between $1,200 and $1,300 to put on that display.

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