Here is the memo:

With that sort of marketing they are going to make hundreds of dollars a year…

Zeiss optics are high end.

With international Covid restrictions, who is going to buy a Zeiss safari optic and go to Africa?

Let me put it this way: The CZ550 was considered hands down the best big game safari rifle you could buy without it being a five-figure custom gun.  It was discontinued in 2021.

How many Zeina optics are being sold for domestic deer hunts?

It’s the competition and tactical long range that is driving the optics markey right now and Zeiss looked at that and said “fuck it.”

When they sell maybe two dozen scopes this year they’ll change marketing strategies in 2023.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Do not let Fudds run your business model”
  1. When they sell maybe two dozen scopes this year they’ll change marketing strategies in 2023.

    It probably won’t matter if they do. People have long memories. I know people that still will not buy S&W even though the idiot British SJW corporation sold off S&W years ago.

  2. Likewise, some folks still won’t touch a Ruger, or more recently Springfield Armory or Rock River Arms.

    The real question is, will it be a noticeable enough difference to their bottom line?

  3. Do not let Fudds run your business model

    Wrong title, considering that posting a photo of your “harvest” along with the tool used to take it is common for all hunters, Fudd and non-Fudd alike.

    “Do not let anti-hunting extremists run your hunting equipment business model” would be more correct.

    But like B.Zh said above: Leupold makes fine offerings priced much more affordably than Zeiss, and they’re far more in touch with their customer base.

    If Zeiss wants to take the HK stance toward their customer base (i.e. “You suck and we hate you”), let them.

  4. That’s old news. That was Zeiss’ policy way back in 2012 or so. That’s why they renamed their tactical optics to “Cassidian”. Because they did not want to taint their image.

    Don’t buy Zeiss. If you want a hunting optic for that much money try Swarovski – Zeiss has fired it’s develepment and engineering team years ago. They only use the momentum of their name to sell stuff that’s out-of-date. It’s still good but not worth the money anymore compared to Leica or Swarovski.

    “Zeiss sport optics” can die in a fire. They’re not worthy of the Zeiss name.

  5. I didn’t realize Zeiss made scopes. I suppose it makes sense, but it’s very likely a tiny sideline for them. I know them as a maker of precision measuring instruments generally, and ultra-precise optics specifically. Chances are they make more money on the optics for a single ASML wafer stepper (a $140 million chip making machine) than they do on an entire year’s worth of scope sales. This isn’t like S&W shooting itself in the foot by alienating a big chunk of their market.

      1. Made them big? Zeiss has been one of the biggest names for well over a century, I doubt that scopes ever amounted to more than a fraction of a percent of their business. And remember they are a European company; hunting is not a big thing in much of Europe.

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