Having solved every other problem in the state of Colorado, this state legislator wants to ban restaurants from giving you plasticware and condiments with your takeout unless you ask for them.

This is the summary of the bill from the text of the bill in the link in the above Tweet:

The bill specifies that, commencing January 1, 2023, a retail food establishment or third-party food delivery service (service) may provide a customer with single-use food serviceware or a single-use condiment that accompanies food ordered for delivery or carryout only if the customer requests single-use food serviceware or a single-use condiment or confirms that the customer wants single-use food serviceware or a single-use condiment when offered, with limited exceptions.

The bill also “encourages” bulk condiment dispensers in self serve areas.

So when you go to a Colorado Rockies baseball game you will have to use the mustard and relish pump that everyone else has touched and touched their hot dog to and has the dried mustard stalactite hanging from the tip of the nozzle.

This person is unhappy that he has a drawer full of takeout plasticware and condiments and now wants to pass a law.

This person is from New York, moved to Colorado, and got elected.

Clearly New Yorkers are neurotic meddlesome tyrants.  The trick is not letting them get a foothold in your state, and definitely don’t elect them to office.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Do not let New Yorkers move to your state and get elected”
  1. Its called RECYCLING…. All you tree huggin morons act like you invented it. Heres an idea- lets make “single use utensils” out of paper, ya know, like the straws that work for 30 seconds.. I luv how the FIRST thing these types want is a new law. Like the only solution is more laws.

  2. Just wanted to say, for some of us growing up, those plastic utensils were never considered single use! My 80 year old mom still washes her plastic ware.

  3. Because their junk draw has too many plastic utensils (in their opinion), no one should be allowed to have that level of mess.

    Seriously, and giving the benefit of the doubt here, is she trying to cut down on use of petroleum products? Trying to limit the amount of plastic going into landfills? Or is she just a busybody who wants everyone to do it they way she wants them to.

  4. I’m not *for* greater regulation, but wouldn’t mind if restaurants would have a default of “no utensils.”

    95% of the time, I am going home to eat and don’t want any utensils, which will just be wasted. I used to start and end my order with “I am taking this home, no utensils please.” About 1/3 of the time, the person didn’t understand what that meant and I’d have to explain “… that means no forks or knives or spoons.” It was only successful 1/10 of the time, so I quit.

    Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all: “It speeds up the process not customizing that request” and whatnot.

  5. Funny, I don’t have that drawer, because we only ever ask for utensils if we’re going to need them. At most we’ll have a couple loose sets, that soon get packed with someone’s lunch.

    Around here, restaurants with “To Go” options (a.k.a. Curbside Pickup, Grab-N-Go, and other catchy phrases) ask if you want napkins and/or utensils. A few started doing it as a cost-cutting measure (not paying for utensils the customer doesn’t want) and it just became normalized in the area to the point now they all do it.

    Note: Same effect, but no new law required.

    But authoritarians gotta authoritarian, and so this fool is proposing a new law to force restaurants, on pain of fines and loss of licenses, what the restaurants would probably be happy to do anyway.

    Because force and power are all the Left understands.

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