“People are spending cash in a Roaring 20s style”

Um… does this shit-weasel remember what came after the Roaring 20’s?

The market crashed and there was a great depression.

Hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic led to the collapse of their economy and the rise of Hitler.

We elected a Progressive antisemite (but I repeat myself) who pushed this country into unprecedented areas of centralized presidential power.

There are only two choices here:

One: this guy is so fucking stupid he’s not making the connection and can’t see how we’re heading into a reboot of the beginning of the 20th Century.

Two: this guy doesn’t care that were headed into a economic shit storm because either he’ll weather it just fine or he supports whatever FDR/Hitler comes next.

If you want to know how bad it’s getting, Bloomberg will tell you.

Yeah, that’s Weimar Republic/Zimbabwe/Venezuela type shot right there.

Spend you money now before it loses its value.

If that does tell you how close we are to hyperinflation than nothing will.

If history is repeating itself and Biden is a Herbert Hoover, who is going to be our FDR?

This is bad.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Do these assholes hear themselves?”
  1. Without dealing with Twitter or the video I’m trying to make sense out of what you wrote. You quoted “People are spending cash in a Roaring 20s style” but I can’t tell who said that. Tucker? Someone else? And who is the “s***-weasel”? Tucker? Someone else? Why?

    1. Pkoning,

      Tucker had a clip of the wrongest investment advisor in America.
      CNBC ‘s own Jim Kramer (Cramer?). Whatever. They can keep him.

      I heard many successful investors say they listen to his investment advice, and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE.

      “No! No! No! Bear Stearns is fine. Do not take your money out!”

      He said that a few short days before it went under and took everybody’d money with it. Remember the “recession” of 2008?


      You can open Twitter in a browser window. No need to use their app.
      My Safari has trouble with twatter graphics.

  2. Do these assholes hear themselves?

    The assholes know what they’re doing.

    Phoning; the shit weasel in the Tucker video said the twentys style. I normally like your posts, but if you aren’t willing to watch the videos, why bother asking what they’re about?

    1. The reason is that I like the text to speak for itself. Usually it does. Sometimes I’m willing to reach for my headphones to watch/listen to a video, sometimes I’m not.

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