I was a DeSantis supporter.

I never had one Trump supporter ask me why I supported DeSantis over Trump, but I’ll tell you.

I think DeSantis had a better track record of conservative victories in Florida than Trump did as president.

DeSantis had a better response to COVID.

DeSantis had a better fiscal policy than Trunp did.  Trump spent almost $2 trillion on the CARES Act, paying people to stay home during COVID.

Trump said a lot, but DeSantis did a lot, and I value that.

On a more subjective level, I just didn’t like how Trump behaved. I was disgusted by the Little Marco and DeSanctimonious nicknames. I don’t like the petty insults. I think it’s childish.

I was disgusted by the DeSantis wears heels or shoe lifts conspiracy theory. It was reminiscent of the Trump hands thing from 2016.  It was a near literal duck measuring contest. That’s not how a president should be picked.

Lastly, I didn’t like his habit of criticizing former staffers and anyone he didn’t think was sufficiently personally obsequious to him as disloyal.  It’s bad behavior for a boss to publicly castigate a subordinate.  And it reminded me of the Soviet trait of leaders who failed blaming their failures on traitors and having their nearest subordinates shot for treason.

Miguel pointed something out to me, that I agree with.

J Edgar Hoover had this thing of taking on any agent or friend who was getting more fame than he did. Many good agents like Purvis were suddenly sent to shitty posts for doing stuff that made them Press darlings.

Trump is equally petty with the people on his own side and even those who supported him.

With DeSantis dropping out, Trump is going to be the nominee.

What worries me, legitimately worries me, is what Trunp is going to do as president.

He has run on a campaign of retribution.

But, if you look at what he said, it seems that he’s more interested in getting retribution against Republicans who he thinks were disloyal to him than getting retribution against democrats.

I’m worried that President Trump 2.0 will go on a rampage of personal vendetta against Republicans and cause so much chaos that nothing gets done and 2028 gets handed to the Democrats on a platter.

There is precedent for my believing this. Look at what Trump’s biggest supporter in Congress, Matt Gaetz, did in the House to McCarthy.

Now add in the fact that “disloyal” and “traitor” are was Trumo and his supporters call DeSantis and his supporters.

I would hope to see Trump supports have magnanimity in their victory, but that didn’t happen.

The overwhelming social media has been mockery, humiliation, and belittling.

When you ask for unity, they attack.


Then they get you with the emotional blackmail, “What else are you going to do, vote for Biden? Let Biden win?”

Usually, it’s both. Mockery and emotional blackmail.


I’m a human being with dignity.

I should want to vote against Biden.

I want to vote against Biden.

I do not want to be humiliated into giving up my dignity by voting for Trump while Trump supporters shit on me for being a loser and a traitor who supported a loser and a traitor.

That is struggle session type bullshit.

When you point that out, they tell you that they don’t want or need your vote.


Do these people have any idea how elections work?

I know many people who are so disgusted with the Toxicity of Trump and his supporters they will stay home on election day.

I’ve seen that sentiment repeated many, many times on social media.

I will go to vote for Trump with alacrity once I hear:

“DeSantis supporters, we’re sorry about the nasty nicknames. We’re sorry about the shoe lift bullshit.  We’re sorry about calling you disloyal RINOs. What we did was wrong. Let’s unite against Biden.”

But they can’t do that.

All thru can do is double down on their derision.

And you know what?

I’m not about to give up my dignity and self respect for any politician.

And of your argument is, “so you’ll let Biden win,” that falls on deaf ears. If you can’t win without emotional blackmail, you don’t deserve to win.

So let me ask, do Trumpers want to lose?

Because right now they are doing their damnedest to make sure every DeSantis and Halley supporter just says home on election day.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Do Trumpers want to lose?”
  1. J.Kb. I agree with you. As I have stated previously here, politics and government has been so corrupted that, I believe, no matter which non-leftist is able to win a presidential election, it won’t matter because the entire system has been compromised thus resulting in a broken system which can never be fixed.
    My take is, it’s every state for themselves. A civil war has already begun, we as a nation are now at a point where every state will have to make a stand independently against leftism and its ideology. As a Floridian, I predicted exactly what has now taken place and I’m relieved that our Govenor will be returning to the essential work of preparing Florida for what is to come, which is war designed by the enemies of constitutional Americans.
    It’s a great day for Floridians. Every leftist in Florida is extremely disappointed and discouraged by DeSantis ending his presidential campaign. Currently they are a weak minority here and hopefully will become weaker.
    My morning Olivia Melanio and Nicaraguan coffee experience is great again.

  2. I think DeSantis did a good job as governor. And I don’t particularly not like him, but I prefer Trump and I do want him to burn things down. It’s beyond salvage at this point. A couple things about DeSantis I don’t like, I’ve never been fond of someone getting elected to office and then before their term is even up they skip out and try to move up. Yeah that’s not unique to him but it’s still there. Then he went and got the laws changed specifically so he could do that. I didn’t like that either. And there is something about his personality that grates on me and I can’t figure out what it is. That said, Trump is a NY asshole, but he’s my NY asshole… and to be fair some of Trump’s latest antics are worrying to me. He’s said some things that I don’t agree with(beyond his known squishiness on 2A stuff). So on balance, I would not have had a problem voting for DeSantis in the general, but I would have chosen Trump first on the primary. Although my primary is completely irrelevant even in a normal year because it’s in May…

    1. I appreciate arguments on Trump’s behalf. I can acknowledge points and debate them. What I refuse to acknowledge is “you’re a disloyal cuck DeSimp.” Far too few Trump supporters are interested in making policy arguments and simply bully. The problem is, that’s been Trump’s tactic too, and I don’t like it. I want a president that bullies our enemies, not bullies people into supporting him.

      1. Bullying the citizenry into supporting the Chosen Candidate is something the Soviets did, and the Chinese, Iranians, and North Koreans still do.
        America is supposed to be better than that. 🙁

      2. “Far too few Trump supporters are interested in making policy arguments and simply bully. “
        Going to disagree on that one.
        Letting the actions of a few define the group as a whole is what small minds do.

      3. I can see where you’re coming from and even agree with you. I just look at it as he spent 4 years with his allies stabbing him not just in the back, but right in the chest so he’s a little jaded. Hell, as a supporter I’m jaded, because our side is the stupid side, and can never manage to work together and instead let the enemy put us at odds.

  3. all of this “presidential race” crap is a giant distraction used to furtherdivide We the People. love him or hate him, whoever gets the non democratic nomination better win or We the People will be fubar

    1. I can see a pathway to long-term success for Republicans: If Biden wins another term, whether or not he gets “25th Amendment’d” out, and Republicans in Congress grow a spine, hold the line, and limit the damage he does, they can use Biden’s Presidency as the poster-child for the Democrat agenda for a generation.
      If they were smart (and had any courage), that would be the contingency plan if Trump loses. Hold the line and maintain the status quo until 2028. It’s not a big ask.
      Unfortunately, that won’t happen. Congressional Republicans won’t develop any intestinal fortitude and are FAR too conditioned toward appeasement to avoid conflict (which Democrats are all too willing to bring), and I predict when push comes to shove they’ll snatch defeat from the clutches of victory, give the Democrat agenda their rubber-stamp approval, effectively let the Biden/Harris Administration have free reign, and not even use it as political ad fodder in 2028.
      The GOP isn’t known as the “Stupid Party” for nothing, but it’s not unfair to add “Spineless Party” to that, too.

      1. And the GOP says, “You can call me Stupid, and you can call me Spineless, as long as you call me Well Paid sucker.” In the reality of the heavens the well-known truth is, there’s really only one political party in the USA, The Party of Power and Elitism, the party over the people.

  4. Personally bump stock ban should have been an unforgivable sin for 2A community.
    My like of Trump is that he is a troll, says whatever the fuck he wants, and will burn it down either by his doing or the reaction to him. I don’t see as much of this in the same way it was in 2016, it definitely feels different now and I don’t think that is necessarily enough now. I would say he proved all the strong man in the office catering to Putin, etc crap wrong and having a meeting with Kim Jong Un was historic and noteworthy. Going after China and trade was good, for whatever that amounted to. However I do agree that after years of obstruction form everyone and everywhere and insubordination he would be a recking ball going back into office this time around and in some respects that is understandable; how cna you trust anyone after all you met was resistance from everywhere and everyone before and there is no indication it eilk be different.
    Do not however think I am foolish enough to believe he is more like me than he is like any other politician. End of the day they’re all the same in my book.

    1. My like of Trump is that he is a troll, says whatever the fuck he wants, and will burn it down either by his doing or the reaction to him.
      That’s what I liked about him, too.
      What I don’t like is how he’ll ignore the Democrats — essentially letting them do whatever they want — while he burns down the GOP in his misguided witch-hunt for “traitors”.
      IOW, he’ll ignore the REAL traitors to America to go after imagined “traitors” to himself, most of whom are merely conscientious objectors that could be won over with words … if Trump wasn’t so busy bullying them by calling them “losers” and “traitors”
      There’s a time for the carrot, and a time for the stick. The wise thing would be to use the carrot to coax Republican detractors and the stick to “encourage” the Dems, but Trump has shown a propensity to toss the carrot to the Dems and beat his own party with the stick.

  5. Simply wondering: how many of the mocking ‘Trump supporters “, actually support Trump, vs “Operation Chaos” style second order actors? How much of what you cite, is “show”, and not ‘go”?

  6. They’re going to let Trump run the table on primaries and then replace Biden on the ballot with Michelle Obama at the DNC in August, citing those health reasons that the right has been pointing out since mid-2020.

    1. Some serious money is being put down on the democrat leftist table for this to happen. The upside is Barack gets another term to work behind the presidential curtain to continue to fundamentally transform the greatest nation on earth into a liberal leftist hell hole. the downside is………..hmm, there isn’t one.

  7. I have never really liked Trump. There are things he does that I like, but Trump himself rubs me the wrong way.
    I supported him in 2016 after he became the GOP nominee (he wasn’t my first choice, nor my second … he was my #5, IIRC), and I thought his response to the infamous “Say something nice about your opponent” debate prompt was both classy and brilliant. And I supported him in 2020 despite a bumpy track record in office.
    But I maintain that he is not a moral man, and shows many signs of a narcissist, and his willingness to attack his own side instead of his opponents doesn’t fill me with warm fuzzy feelings for Trump Presidency 2.0.
    Does “not feeling warm and fuzzy” make me a Trump Traitor or RINO? I don’t think so, but many of his supporters seem to believe it with such fervor that I almost — emphasis on “almost” — prefer Biden’s campaign (or lack thereof). At least then all the attacks are coming from the front, and I don’t have to worry about being back-stabbed by ostensible allies.

  8. Growing up in the Metro NYC area, “On a more subjective level, I just didn’t like how Trump behaved. I was disgusted by the Little Marco and DeSanctimonious nicknames. I don’t like the petty insults. I think it’s childish.” is a joke. it is giving your friends (or opponents) a ribbing. No different than boxers mouthing off about their opponents at the weigh in.
    And, if you are running for President, you need to tone down the NYer a bit. While I never saw his “petty insults” as anything other than competitive trash talk, it was in the wrong place and not well understood.
    “I do not want to be humiliated into giving up my dignity by voting for Trump while Trump supporters shit on me for being a loser and a traitor who supported a loser and a traitor.”
    The 2024 election will be, in my opinion, pretty much the same as the 2016 election. It is equivalent of eating a shit sandwich. Hold your nose, and vote for the candidate you hate least. Do not be humiliated into it, do what is the least worst for the country.
    Now, I happen to like Trump, but then again, I think bullies and egotists win. (See Bill Belichek as a perfect example) I want to win, and while Trump is an A-hole, he wins enough in a game that is rigged against winning.
    And, I like DeSantis as well. I am actually quite upset he dropped out this soon. I will NEVER shit on someone who supports a different candidate. Even if you support Biden, fine. I disagree, and see no redeeming value to that man, but I will not shit on your for liking him.
    Final note.
    Do not let the actions of a few A-holes represent the whole. There are plenty of Trump supporters who would never make fun of you in any way because you supported DeSantis. In fact, pretty much every Trump supporter would be supporting DeSantis had Trump not ran again.
    Letting a small number of poorly behaved people scare you off is EXACTLY what the gun-grabbers do when they assume owning a gun makes you just as guilty as the person who committed the murder.

  9. There is a bit of a self contradiction in this post. First of all, you start out with:
    “I never had one Trump supporter ask me why I supported DeSantis over Trump, but I’ll tell you.”
    Then you have a post about how all these Trump supporters are mocking you for supporting DeSantis.
    I am not sure what to think here.
    Are Trump supporters totally indifferent to your political support choice, or are they a bunch of jackasses who will ridicule you because you do not agree with them politically? They cannot be both.

    1. Two points:
      1. “Not asking” (i.e. not wanting to know the reasons) and “indifference” (i.e. not caring about the choice) are two different things.
      2. “Mocking one’s choice” and “not curious about the reasoning behind that choice” are not mutually exclusive.
      We see it every day from the anti-gunners. “You don’t need that gun unless you have a small penis.” No questions about why we might choose ‘X’ model gun, or even why we choose to be armed. They don’t want to know the reasons … but they’re super-quick to ridicule us for it.
      The Trump supporters J.Kb is writing about are the same. They don’t want to know why any of us might prefer DeSantis, or Haley, or Ramaswamy, or anyone else, so they don’t ask. But they’re super-quick to call us “losers”, “traitors”, “RINOs”, or whatever else their Glorious Leader labels us from His Place On High. (That’s another thing J.Kb didn’t mention: the supporters he’s writing about never seem to come up with their own original mockery. It’s all parroted verbatim from Trump’s speeches.)

  10. How much do you think DeSantis would accomplish in the DC swamp versus Tallahassee. Comparing accomplishments in Florida to getting something done in DC is an apples to oranges thing.

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