Case 1:

During their investigation, detectives learned that Stroud was the boyfriend of the 43 year female. Earlier in the evening, Stroud showed up at the residence intoxicated and assaulted the 48 year old female and the 43 year old female. During the assault, the 48 year old female was able to obtain a semi- automatic handgun which she brandished at Stroud, and told him to quit assaulting the females. Stroud not only refused, but aggressively came at the 48 year old female who was holding the handgun, who then shot Stroud.

via Yesterday’s Shelter Cove Homicide: Sheriff’s Office Waiting to See Whether Charges Will Be Filed | Lost Coast Outpost | Humboldt County.

Case 2:

PRINCETON, N.C. (WTVD) — The Johnston County District Attorney’s Office has ruled the death of a man in Princeton Sunday morning self defense.

Police initially charged 27-year-old Crystal Turner with second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing 25-year-old Julius Crenshaw in the neck in the 500 block of South Pearl Street around 1:30 a.m. during a domestic dispute.

But Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson said Crenshaw hit Turner in the face multiple times before throwing a grill of hot coals at her – burning her skin. He then charged at her and that’s when she stabbed him.

Jackson said Crenshaw was convicted of assaulting Turner and breaking into her home in May.

via Death of boyfriend in Princeton ruled self defense |

The probability of recidivism for both attackers stands now at zero.

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