That is a B&T APC9K PRO semi-automatic pistol with a brace.

It’s a 9mm with a 4.3 inch barrel.

That is not enough for large, tough, thick-skin game like boar, or even feral pigs.

Shooting animals, even nuisance ones, with the wrong gun is cruel and stupid.

But trust an internet celebrity idiot with more money than brains or decency to do shit like that online for monetized clout.

This asshole needs to lose his guns until he can be responsible with them.

Don’t be like him.


I found video of his hunt.


That’s not a hunt, that’s a drive-by killing.

It shouldn’t take that many rounds to drop an animal.

It shouldn’t have to be speared to put it out of its misery.

You shouldn’t hunt from a moving platforms (unless you are an absolute professional).

No ear protection, no eye protection, just cruelty.

Fuch this guy to the end of the earth and back again.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Don’t be this asshole – updated”
  1. “This asshole needs to lose his guns until he can be responsible with them.”

    So many people have no problem with red flag laws, as long as it isn’t their own guns getting the flag.

    1. This isn’t a support firm red flag laws. I’m not saying he should lose his guns because he posted some bullshit on the internet or said something that offended people’s delicate feelings. This guy literally mag dumped a 9mm into an animal from a moving platform in an unethical kill. He used a gun inappropriately and should be punished for that. I would consider this animal cruelty.

  2. When the anti-gun folks get their way, and remove self defense guns from the population, a-holes like this will be the propaganda they use against hunters/hunting.
    Why give them the ammunition they need to attack you?

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