A buddy of mine sent me this picture:


The window decal is a merged a threeper (III%) flag, spartan helmet, and punisher skull, and he has a DTOM license plate to top it off.

He might as well have a window decal that says “for a free gun, break glass and check the glove box.”

But I’ll go one step further, because I’m feeling really fucking salty.

This looks like this is the car driven by the kind of cop that check his Instagram while kids die on a phone with a punisher logo wallpaper.

The most amazing think about the good shoot at Greenwood Mall is that Elisjsha Dicken is a nerdy looking guy.

No Punisher logo.  No Grunt Style T-shirt.

But when the shit hit the fan the dude drew iron and went to fucking work like the best of them.

Dude who stood there while children died screaming:


Dude who bagged a mass shooter at 40 yards with his carry piece:


Don’t be like the guy above with your Spartan threeper bullshit, especially if you can’t nut up to the task.

Be the gray may who looks normal and is prepared to kick ass should the moment arrive.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Don’t be this guy”
  1. Don’t be that guy for a different reason as well.
    Get into even the most minor altercation on the road, and a gun grabber will call the cops and claim you threatened to shoot them. Solely because you have a Glock perfection/NRA/Come and take it sticker in your window. The police will not take that complaint lightly. At the minimum, an hour or two will be wasted, at worst, you may have to employ a lawyer.

      1. Amazingly? Black Lives Matter don’t care about that Brother. Philandro Castile was an upstanding citizen. Even had a Carry Permit. He gets shot by a cop while he was sitting in his car cooperating, not resisting the police. His Black Butt gets blown away, and they almost get his Black GF too.

        I guess you have to do stupid shit, resist the police, and be an all around a$$hole like George Floyd, Rashard Brooks, Daunte Wright, or Tekle Sundberg. Is a rap sheet a yard long a requirement to get BLM out in the streets?

  2. I dont display anything “badass” related, except I do have a “Williams machinegun mafia” decal and a “flaming monkeys machinegun club” decal because I am proud to own fullauto firearms. But I dont advertise concealed carry on my vehicles or clothing. Let them guess..

  3. The cop “checking his Instagram” was actually checking to see if his wife had texted him back, since she was a teacher in one of those classrooms.

    She died.

    1. That really doesn’t make his case look any better. Actually makes him look even worse.

    2. But he still didn’t try to save her, much less the kids, did he? He stood there and let her and the kids die. I asked my wife what she thought I would do if she was in there with the nutcase and I was told to stand down. Her answer was “you would have come in and shot ANYONE that tried to stop you.” Fuck that cop and his hundreds of fellow cowards, till their ears bleed.

    3. I don’t understand that, if my wife was trapped in a room with a cowardly monster like that I sure as heck wouldn’t be checking my phone.

  4. “cringe bro”

    Plus the further irony is that according to lore the Punisher dislikes cops and of course Thermopylae was a defeat and a massacre.

    1. Thermopylae was a defeat and massacre, yes, but the Spartans and their allies didn’t expect to prevail. They marched to hold the Persians long enough for their allied city-states to raise their armies.

      They met that goal. When the Persians finally arrived, they were met by the combined forces of Greece.

      To me, the Spartan helmet logo isn’t a message of, “I will prevail.” It’s a message of, “I may go down, but I’ll go down fighting.”

      Whether it’s appropriate or not for the average armed citizen with a CCW license to advertise that message, is a topic for another discussion.

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