This case is fucking horrific.

New Mexico police fatally shoot man during investigation at wrong home: reports

A New Mexico man was shot and killed by police who mistakenly knocked on his door to investigate a domestic violence incident, according to reports.

Three officers from the Farmington Police Department in northern New Mexico knocked at Robert Dotson’s door at 5305 Valley View Ave earlier this month, even though they questioned dispatchers as to whether they were at the correct address, news outlets and body-camera footage released by the department shows.

Dotson answered the door with a gun in hand, pointing it at the cops — who immediately opened fire, killing him.

Here is the body cam footage.


It’s dark o’clock.

They know but their announcement “Farmington Police” wasn’t all that loud.  I doubt loud enough to be heard from a back bedroom.

They instantly open fire on the man who opened the door.

Now from the perspective of the homeowner, he just got woken up at dark o’clock. From the video, it didn’t look like there were any flashing lights of police cars.

Someone is at his door at an ungodly hour.

He’s gonna take his pistol and see what’s going on.

Completely understandable, until the cops murder him.

As Miguel routinely posts about, the real problem came about when he broke his perimeter.

Don’t open the door.

Yell through the door or use a smart doorbell or anything else that keeps the solid object of the door between yourself and the possible threat on the other side.

Normally when Miguel covers this topic, it’s on regards to criminals.

Here it’s equally good in relation to stupid and negligent police, who are too fucking dumb to respond to the right house.

Stay behind your perimeter where it’s safer.

It will increase your chances of survival.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Don’t breach your perimeter, the police might murder you”
  1. The wife almost bought it when she picked up her husband’s gun and returned fire. Fortunately, she realized the invaders were cops and ceased fire, dropped the weapon and followed commands. Otherwise, we’d be talking about orphans too.
    Obviously, no one in the house realized who was at the door. The wife got cuffed and put in the car, but I doubt she’ll be charged.
    Don’t break perimeter. Wise words indeed.

  2. Have several cameras. The doorbell cams are so common now, everyone knows to look for one, and I recall hearing that both police and robbers have deliberately blinded them.

  3. I believe that Mas Ayoob advised: if you’re not sure if the people are police, keep the door closed and call the police to verify.

    I have cameras as well.

    It was noted that one can’t see flashing lights on the video. Why? Did they bike there?

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