That piece of shit is in desperate need of an ass-kicking.

But despite his threats, he stayed outside the house.

The people inside the house remained safe.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have been standing in my foyer with a face-eraser hoping he would kick in my door giving me the legal justification, caught in video, to remove his head with a load of buckshot.

But he didn’t.

Don’t break your perimeter.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Don’t break your perimeter (no matter how tempting)”
  1. Idiot thinks he is justified because, in his mind, Israel is the aggressor here.
    And, why should he think otherwise? Can someone point to a headline from any mainstream news outlet that paints Israel in the right? Or, even acknowledges that hamas often instigates the conflict?

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding this. “Random male”? Really?

    How did this random male know a Jew lived there? Why would he take the time to walk up and ring the doorbell? What led up to this? Seems kinda convenient that we have this clear anti-semitic action on video during the current world events. I mean, the attacks on Jews on the streets of New York is one thing, but I kinda have a hard time believing this.

    Not trying to be an ass, but really, you can’t trust anything on the internet. There have been any number of false flag events – blacks burning their own churches, hanging nooses, Jews painting swastikas, etc. Anyway, carry on.

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