This guy is going to prison for a long time.

He was carrying a gun illegally and fired warning shots.

I can’t stress this enough, don’t fire warning shots.

It’s effectively an admission that you were not in enough danger to justify shooting someone.

Yes, I know it seems counter-intuitive for non-gun people to understand, but of you were not in enough danger to shoot someone, then you were not in enough danger to pull the trigger at all.

In addition, you don’t know what other unintention damage your bullet will do.

New York also doesn’t allow carry without a permit and is still not issuing permits, despite (on in spite of) Bruen.

The proposed concealed carry law in New York also makes the subway a gun free zone, because New York wants to create Purge zones where criminals have free rein.

Everything this guy did was illegal.


Fuck New York on principle, because they allowed a violent homeless vagrant to run amok and terrorize innocent people.

New York only cares about tax payers when they can tax them or punish them more.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Don’t fire warning shots, also f*** New York”
  1. Let’s also not forget, every warning shot is effectively a reduction of magazine capacity. If the state limits you to low-capacity magazines, or the mags your gun takes don’t hold that many rounds, this could become a real problem very quickly.

  2. It’s curious that warning shots are official practice among police forces in Europe — at least in Holland. Ignorance about gun safety is a severe disorder there, obviously.

    1. That (in the sense that that “warning shot” has to land somewhere); and perhaps also significant cultural differences in terms of how people think about use-of-force, whether a suspect / criminal / whatever needs to be given notice that lethal force is coming into play, etc.

      1. Yes, the warning aspect is excusable in some sense. The recklessness of sending rounds flying to land somewhere off in the distance — and mind you, this typically occurs in cities — is just mindboggling.

  3. That’s why you wait to talk with your attorney. He could say that it was possible you didn’t fire a “warning shot”, it was just the extreme stress of the moment that caused your aim to be wildly off.

    I personally don’t see a situation where a warning shot is useful, but such circumstances may rarely occur.

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