This video is shocking

At first, I thought she died. Then in the comments of where I saw this video, someone posted a chip from hee Instagram where she is alive.

Then, I thought she must be a quadriplegic. I can’t confirm that, but some sort of cervical spine trauma probably happened.

A human neck is not supposed to bend that way.

This is why you don’t get into fights.

You don’t know if you’re going to end up on a bench being turned into a Million Dollar Baby.

It’s not worth you dignity to end up driving a wheelchair with your tongue.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Don’t get into fights”

  2. Just your daily reminder that “stay away from places where blacks congregate” is sage advice, not racism.

  3. I am about 99% sure the girl who did the shoving was just as surprised about the injury as the one who fell. Whether there will be any tears shed, I do not know.

  4. This is why any form of assault needs to be prosecuted as assault (or, if the charge fits, attempted murder). It’s long past time for labels like “prank” to be abolished.

    I’m reminded of an article in this morning’s WSJ which refers to a 10 year old kid who was “bullied” badly enough that he committed suicide. The article says the anguished father commented “why weren’t you his friends?” That’s a valid point but not the main point. The main point is that the kid was not merely “bullied” — which to me means verbal maltreatment. He was assaulted and beaten and robbed, and finally (I think, the article wording is vague) raped. Over that 18 month period the school admits that “contact with the family was frequent” but the superintendent nevertheless claims that no bullying was ever reported. My observations are that (a) physical abuse needs to be charged as assault etc. no matter how young the perpetrators are; (b) the superintendent needs to be fired, blacklisted, and criminally charged with being accessory to assault/robbery/etc. before and after the fact; (c) everybody needs to start treating these crimes as crimes, not pranks, not “boys will be boys”.

  5. I’m truly surprised that the impact and handling afterward didn’t either kill her or make her a quad.

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