From Chicago:

Charges Of Insensitivity After Kids Smash Piñata Shaped As ICE Agent

“Some parents were holding their kids to hit the piñata,” said Anthony Martinez of Los Brown Berets.

Pictures posted on social media show several other children in line waiting to take a swing at the political piñata. Many Facebook commenters applauded the idea while others were in disagreement, calling the activity ignorant, disrespectful and teaching the young to hate.

“It was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement,” said Martinez, who leads the Chicago chapter of Los Brown Berets, a nationwide activist group aimed at overcoming inequalities against Chicanos.

Martinez said his organization bought a Batman piñata and transformed it into a Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer.

“We’re just making a statement” that the federal government’s recent actions regarding deportation are wrong, Martinez said.

“Taking children from their parents, separating them,” Martinez added.

At the same event, children were offered a chance to throw balls at a painted image of President Trump.

Do you know what this reminds me of?

Palestinian children being taught by Hamas activists in the West Bank.

Palestinian children reportedly pretend to execute IDF soldiers in foreign aid-funded schools
Mail on Sunday reports on Palestinian schools operated by British foreign aid: named after terrorists, with photos of terrorists on their walls and children playing at killing IDF soldiers.

Here is a picture:

Palestinian children being encouraged to play at killing Israelis is nothing new.

This is a kindergarten graduation ceremony in Gaza.

If you teach them to hate and dehumanize when they are this young, it will last them the rest of their short lives.

The Brown Berets are a quasi-para-military, racialized, socialist liberation group, founded in the 1960’s and are the Chicano/Mexican equivalent to the  Black Panthers.  Although they are somewhat less well known because they were a little less violent or high profile in their violence.

Clearly, the Brown Berets are trying to indoctrinate East Side Chicago Hispanic youth into a culture of racial and anti-immigration law enforcement hatred.

Anybody who has a casual knowledge of Israeli history knows how effective this type of youth brainwashing is at stoking long-lasting violence.

This “Abolish ICE, Open Borders” thing isn’t going to go away when Trump leaves office.  It is going to last for a long time.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “East Side or West Bank?”
    1. We’re all for love and peace, y’all. Daisies in the end of the barrel of a gun, and hugs and kisses and unicorns and rainbows. Just because we’re teaching kids to violently bash an authority figure and desensitizing them to this violent activity is all on you, not us. We come in peace. Or something.

  1. Stuff like this and the drenching of the NYPD officers is part of the slow march towards a breakdown of the rule of law. After that happens, the breakdown of the country really ramps up. By 2024 when the Democrats have successfully managed to destroy the electoral college, America will cease to exist as the United States. Prepare accordingly, I think it’s inevitable.

  2. School or mosque “plays” were children posed als martyrs already happened in Germany and Austria.
    Yes. They want to live in peace. But there can be no peace if there are still people alive they don’t like.

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