War like footing and military campaign against who?

Against what?

An invisible gas produced by nearly every industrial process and animal on the planet.

How do you go to war against that?

You go to war against people.

This thinking ends up with a Smart Grid of Bones where countless dissidents are worked to death to build a renewable power infrastructure to keep the homes of the elites a comfortable 72 degrees year round.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Eco-Gulags are coming”
  1. The late L. Neil Smith said it well:
    The next time you see Betty Battenberg, the Monarch of Airstrip One, or her genetically-depleted halfwit offspring being grandly celebrated on television, remember that she’s the Queen only because her ancestors bashed in more heads, and intimidated more helpless, unarmed peasants, than anybody else around. That’s all there is to royalty; that’s all there ever was. — “A barbarous relic of the past”, in “Down with Power” by L. Neil Smith.

  2. Chuck and his fellow inbreds have never been overly blessed with brains.

    Forcing the so-called nobility there to go to war and compete via to-the-death physical combat for the throne – one of the few improvements suggested by Wakanda actually worth a damn – would be a salutary improvement to the British monarchy, and vastly more entertaining to the rest of the world.

    Formerly great Britain could turn it into their own version of the Final Four mania, and much like the rotating Bond actors over the years, they could take turn ruling via Scots, Irish, English, Welsh, etc.

    Parliament could set the rules, and they could mandate that the whole thing take place in the six months after the death of any sovereign, culminating in a new glorious coronation once the new champion is victorious.

    That way the people would be spared accidencies like Chuck, and Wills would have to fight for his shot, like everyone else at or above the rank of Earl.

  3. Of course it’s a war. It’s a war on the human race.

    In order to achieve the The levels that they want to have humanity would have to go back to in pre-industrial age. In terms of technology and population. What that means is literally killing off most of the human population to get the global population of human life down to what it was before the industrial revolution. And the ones that are still alive not having access to anything post industrial. Except for the elites of course. Killing off over 95% of all human life on the planet and getting rid of everything post industrial cannot apply them. They will not be killed. They will not be forced to use primitive technology.

    They know what they want and they know what they need to do to achieve it. And they are perfectly willing to do it. To them killing over 7 billion people is simply a solution to a problem. Remember, they do not feel human life as having any value.

    Either that or it’s all just a grift and they know they’re bullshitting. I don’t think they themselves believe the hysterics that they spout. It’s just a way to get more money and power.

    And then they have all the money and power and they still die. And if there is a god they will probably burn in hell. Sent there on the road they paved themselves.

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