This made me light headed.


Simply put, a nation cannot survive,  let one be strong, if it doesn’t have a strong manufacturing base.

Just like a nation cannot survive,  let one be strong, if it doesn’t have strong agriculture.

This guy might as well say “the only reason to support domestic farming is to support working class white men.”

A nation cannot depend on resources from around the world to survive.

We are watching that happen right now when we voluntarily shut down domestic energy production and began relying on the rest of the world for fuel.

We have become weaker as we relied more and more on overseas manufacturing.

It’s insufficient just to have domestic manufacturing of things you cannot manufacture overseas, like military equipment.

Those workers come from somewhere.  We need domestic manufacturing just to maintain a domestic worker skill set and reserve of people.

But this guy doesn’t care about the stability or strategic position of a nation.

He us shilling for Wall Street executives who would be happy to outsource every last job they could to pocket the profits for themselves.

If you resist and push back against that, he calls you a racist with a fetish for protecting uneducated white men.

Let’s all be totally dependent on China for all production for equity.

If Libertarian economics means outsourcing all of your means of production to China so a bunch of Wall Street executives can get rich and then call everyone who objects racists, I’m gonna become a fascist.

The first 48 hours of the J.Kb administration will include the woodchippering of all DC think tanks.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Economists against the economy”
  1. So what Posen is really saying is that only ‘low education white males’ work in manufacturing?

    Scratch a liberal….

  2. Was going to post a rant about manufacturing, etc… but the reality is idiots like this are harming the global economy. They are not actually identifying the reality of it.
    Why is so much of what the US consumes manufactured overseas? Because idiots like this push for a “living” minimum wage for social reasons, not for economic ones. And now? Manufacturing is bad because of skin color?
    Caring about race/environment/whatever is a luxury afforded to wealthy nations. As soon as you place race/environment above maintaining and growing that wealth, you will lose both.

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