The last Intifada was the Knife Intifada in 2015-2016.

Dozens of Jews were stabbed by Palestinians while in public, often waiting at bus stops.

Israeli security made it almost impossible to smuggle weapons into Israel, so Palestinians would enter unarmed and buy kitchen knives, then stab Jews.

It ended when more Jews carried guns and started shooting Palestinians when they pulled out a knife.

Globalize the Intifada means murder Jews everywhere.

It’s more important than ever to enforce Bruen and allow concealed carry because we are going to have to defend ourselves against a wave a Palestinian violence in the United States.

It will end the same way it ended in Israel.

When every Palestinian who tries to murder someone gets shot.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Enforce Bruen Now”
  1. 28 states are now Constitutional carry.. avoid any lengthy stays in the ones that are not… ny, nj, mass,conn, ri,del,ect…..

  2. The more of this I see, the less I think muslims deserve any respect at all. Equivalent to socialist/communist/leftists in my mind.
    Can anyone tell me a single contribution to civilization that islam has ever provided? Is there a single thing that muslims have ever done that is worthy of praise in any way? Can you name a single muslim/islam “charity” that is not a front for terrorism? What muslim has ever invented anything that significantly improved humanity in any way? Is there even a muslim hospital that helps out non-muslims?
    The entire religion is nothing but a step back to the dark ages, it is a front for a political system of oppression, control, and dominance.
    If muslims wanted peace in the middle east, there would be peace in the middle east. They bring this “oppression” down on themselves, and then blame the world for it. Stupidly, the world believes the marketing.

    1. Besides calculus and the number zero, stellar navigation, and facilitating intercontinental trade routes before anyone knew what the continents were, that is.
      I do see your point, though. The Western world looks at third-world Muslim nations and thinks “Oh, those poor people,” not wanting to see that those “poor people” have the power and ability to come into the first world, but don’t want to. As you say, if Muslims wanted lasting peace in the Middle East (and South Asia, and North Africa), there would be peace. If Gaza and Hamas wanted a functional economy, local production of goods, clean water and sanitation, and quality healthcare, they would have all those things and more.
      But they don’t want those things. They would rather prosecute one-sided wars and commit terror attacks on their neighbors, all the while playing the victim card like they just can’t help the situation they’re in … over which they have full control.

      1. Calculus – not the Muslims.
        Number Zero – not the Muslims.
        Celestial Navigation – nope, still not the Muslims.
        Intercontinental trade routes – also nope, still not the Muslims.

      2. “Besides calculus and the number zero, stellar navigation, and facilitating intercontinental trade routes before anyone knew what the continents were, that is.”
        Not traceable to any muslim. Even tracing them to the middle east is questionable as (with the exception of calculus) all of those were the result of slavery of some kind. Either to facilitate it, or because of it. (By the way, I think you meant algebra, not calculus. Calculus was a Newton innovation)
        Now, the rest of your comment is correct. The so-called religion of peace is nothing except a political system of dominance, oppression, and control. As you note… they could move to 1st world status, but instead choose to waste their time, money, and effort to destroying that which is different.

      3. There was a time when Middle Eastern culture had high culture, support for the arts and sciences, etc.
        There are attempts to revive Arabic high culture, via projects like e.g. the SESAME lsynchrotron X-ray light source facility in Jordan ( (Re the name – sigh.) But it seems to come in fits and starts, and seems to be in-spite-of rather than at-the-behest-of, the general populace.
        There is also a difference between Arabic culture and Islam, much as there was a difference between, say, Teutonic traditions and the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. But Islam has never had its version of the Reformation.

  3. A few weeks ago, on the Dan Bongino show, Dan was talking about the current political climate and all the difficulties we have been experiencing. Things like crime, the open southern border, illegal immigration, the dilapidated conditions in blue cities. He said all these issues could be resolved fairly quickly as we just saw in California where San Francisco’s disgusting conditions were cleaned up virtually overnight to accommodate the visit by president Xi.
    The reason they are not is because the people in positions of power – don’t want to.
    They could close the border and stop the flow of illegals and drugs. They don’t want to.
    They can clean up the streets of the filth and the homeless. They don’t want to.
    They could back the police and enforce the law. They don’t want to.
    All this is being orchestrated. Deliberately.
    The same can be said for the current situation in Gaza.
    There could be a peaceful solution for Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinians have been offered their own land multiple times, but have always refused. Why? Because they don’t want to. Other Muslim nations in the middle east won’t accept any refugees from Gaza because they would cause discord and uprisings in their own countries. That, and Palestinians serve a more useful purpose. They are a stick the world’s Muslim nations use to poke and beat the Israelis with. They won’t try to solve the Palestinian problem. Why? Because they don’t want to.

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