Because all of California’s gun laws didn’t stop this.

Because the presence of security cameras didn’t stop this.

Because the broken, politicized enforcement of the law (or lack there of) didn’t stop this.

Two people at the utter mercy of a robber, hoping and praying he wouldn’t pull the trigger.

Bruen reinforced the idea that people should br able to defend themselves.

Bruen must be enforced so that the people can effectively exercise that right.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Enforce Bruen”
  1. California is starting to see some progress. But the problem with a piecemeal repeal is, the state, cities and counties will be left with a swiss cheese of leftover laws.
    Better to nuke it all and start from a fresh slate, I say.

  2. This is where the people of kalifornia stand up and ignore anti gun laws…. But being the land of fruits and nuts we know that won’t happen… lets move all the liberals there then saw it off and push it out to sea..

  3. I seem to remember back in the 80s, or early 90s, when a guy named Bernie Goetz singlehandedly reduce NYC Subway crime for several weeks/months. Just fighting back was enough to get them thinking…
    Then NYC charged him with multiple felonies, the news media canonized the thugs into immediate sainthood, and the criminals took over again.
    Best move is to leave CA.

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