Eric Swalwell is doubling and tripling down on his desire to impose a mandatory “gun buyback.”

Never mind that the goverment can’t buy back what it never sold to you in the first place, the idea of a buyback is patently offensive to the gun community.  As though our rights can be bought for 30 pieces of silver, or $1,000 a gun.

In his USA Today OpEd from a year ago, he said “Australia got it right.”

He was on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper and pushed his idea to criminalize tens of millions of American citizens and put them in jail.

He thinks he is being gracious allowing us to not to go to prison and to “keep”  our guns, as long as they are locked up in an approved range where we don’t have unauthorized access to them.

That is a page right out of the European playbook.  Australia has similar rules.

Let me make this clear.  I do not own guns like that to shoot at a range.  I own guns like that for defense.  Shooting at a range just keeps me sharp if the day that I hope never comes, comes and I have to use my guns for their intended purpose.

Forcing me to give up my gun, or put it in the hands of some range manager off my property, strips the gun of its primary, essential function, and the very reason I bought it.

Contrast Swalwell’s desire to disarm tens of millions of gun owners who have harmed no one and put them in prison if they do not comply with his edict, with his stance on marijuana.

Swalwell is a proponent of legalizes marijuana.  Marijuana use is not a victimless activity.  Having known people who were habitual users of the drug, and seeing what it does to people, it harms families and communities.

When a pothead can’t hold down a job and becomes a financial burden on their family, that’s not victimless.  When children who smoke because their parents smoke suffer long term developmental issues, that’s not victimless.  When cities cannot recruit more police officers because they can’t find enough people who can pass a drug test, that’s not victimless.

Arguably, marijuana has done far more damage to children in school than all the school shootings combines.

But Swalwell thinks that too many people have gone to prison over this issue so wants to legalize pot.

Law abiding gun owners, who have hurt no one, he wants to turn into criminals and put in prison.

Fortunately, this idiot has neither the personality or the intersectionality to become the Democrat nominee to run against Trump.

However, the Democrats all seem to be sucking up each other’s positions as they are deathly afraid of falling out of lockstep, so we can expect the eventual nominee to push something akin to this in the future.

I just wonder if the Democrats are successful in turning every semi-auto owner into a felon, if they still believe felons should have the right to vote from prison?

Vote Democrats: the party that will give you tax dollars to kill your baby a day before it’s due and then go out and smoke a blunt, but will put you in prison for owning an AR or not referring to a man in a dress by their preferred pronoun, “xer.”

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Eric Swalwell for the Australiafication of America”
  1. First he has to win the Presidency…. sure he mite, MITE win Kalifukna. All them red states out there, you think they will vote for gun control?

    1. Well, how many gun owners do you know who still vote D?
      I wonder what this traitor would say about those of us whose “gun range” is in their back yard.

  2. I don’t know what sort of degenerates you hang out with, but the cannabis users I know are engineers, soldiers, ruggers, salesfolks, and other solid citizens. (Some are just bouncers, but not everyone is engineer material.) They use it like alcohol, cannabis isn’t a special drug.

    Prohibition was garbage for alcohol, and it’s still garbage for everything lighter than heroin. The war on drugs is nearly as stupid as the war on guns some fools seem to be trying again.

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