Via Monster Hunter Nation bouncing out of Bayou Renaissance Man I find out that Ernie Pyle’s home is in dire straits and about to be closed. Times being tough are making the State of Indiana having to decide if such crime against history will be committed.  Ernie Pyle was the raconteur of the Greatest generation and that his memory might disappear even a little would be a tragedy.

I can’t find an organization or link to collect funds to save the house, but at least I can pass the word and see if somebody knows somebody who knows someone.


I guess I missed an address at the end of Bayou Renaissance Man‘s post and also his challenge:

I’d like to appeal to all my readers to support the Ernie Pyle Home and museum. Donations may be sent to:

The Friends of Ernie Pyle
P.O. Box 338
Dana, IN 47847

I’ll challenge all of you. My $10 donation is on its way. How about matching or beating it? If all of us do so, we should be able to send enough to cover at least a year’s operating costs.

I’d also like to appeal to all fellow bloggers who read this. Please consider posting your own article about Ernie Pyle, or linking to this one, and helping to raise funds to keep the museum open. I think it’s a cause worthy of our support.

Thanks in advance, friends.

Mine’s on the way. How about yours?

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  1. Thanks for linking to my article on Bayou Renaissance Man. At the end of that article is an address for the Friends Of Ernie Pyle, the organization that’s fighting to save the Museum. Donations may be sent to them.

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