Previous I wrote about how the proposed NY concealed carry bill would be so restrictive that it would make practical concealed carry impossible.

No carry on public transportation, no carry in Times Square, no carry in parks (especially Central Park), no carry in stores or businesses that didn’t explicitly welcome concealed carry, etc.

But there was something that I was forgetting.

If, somehow, you managed to get a permit and carry in a place where it was legal for you to do so, if you were attacked and were to defend yourself, you will go to jail.

From the article linked in the Tweet:

The murder charge that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg filed against bodega worker Jose Alba is the latest outrage to result from the progressive agenda the top prosecutor unveiled after taking office in January, current and former city cops said Thursday.

Ex-cop Eugene O’Donnell, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said the case amounted to “an agenda crime” being pursued by Bragg — noting that Alba “was given little alternative” when ex-con Austin Simon attacked him behind the counter of his Hamilton Heights store Friday night.

“This is an office that is chock-a-block full of screwy interpretations and bizarre agendas,” O’Donnell said.

“The DA himself is surrounded by people who think, ‘Behind every profitable business is a crime.’”

A veteran city cop fumed, “So, the guy who was defending himself is in Rikers and the guys who repeatedly do the crimes are on the street?”

This is clearly a political prosecution.

The video of the attack makes that clear.


The Daily Mail provides more details.

On Friday night, Alba stabbed Austin Simon to death after Simon attacked him in the Bluemoon Convenient Store in Harlem.

Alba, who is beloved in the local community, has worked there for decades and has no criminal record.

The row began in the store on Friday night when Simon’s girlfriend, who has not been named, tried to buy a bag of potato chips for her daughter.

Her debit card was declined as she tried to make the purchase and Alba insisted that she hand the chips back over.

According to police, the woman then produced her own knife from her handbag. There was a scuffle and she ran out of the store to call on Simon for help.

Simon was on parole for attacking a police officer at the time of the incident on Friday night.

State records show he spent time in both Elmira and Five Points, two New York corrections facilities.

Simon’s girlfriend, who allegedly produced a knife and stabbed him in the arm, has not been charged.

Alba was attacked ked by a woman with a knife.

She got her boyfriend to come back and fight Alba behind the counter.

The boyfriend had previously attacked a police officer and has a criminal record.

The elderly Alba, clearly fearing for his life from a much younger attacker, defended himself and got in a lucky shot to to Simon’s neck with a knife.

The woman who initiated the attack has not been charged.

She should be charged with felony murder since she was the accomplice.

Alba defended himself.

However, in NYC, criminals are a politically preferred group, so killing one in self-defense is treated like a crime while a criminal accomplice goes un-charged.

The lesson here is clear.  When a criminal attacks a productive member of society, the productive person must acquiesce and take the beating.  If they defend themselves against the criminal, the state will destroy them.

Self-defense is not allowed in NYC, even if the Supreme Court recognizes you right to it and to carry the tools for it.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Even if NYC CCW happens you won’t be able to use it”
  1. Strange minds think alike. I just posted a much shorter version of this over on APS.

  2. I don’t see how a 12 person jury would convict this guy, even in NYC. If I understand correctly, the girlfriend stabbed the shopkeeper in the shoulder during the attack and that’s the knife he used to then kill his attacker. And yet she hasn’t been arrested. This is a miscarriage of justice all the way.

    1. What you call a “miscarriage of justice” is what politically motivated Leftist prosecutors call “a victory”.
      Also, even if the jury does not convict him, the $250,000 bail and cost of a trial will bankrupt him. Damage done, lesson learned.
      Some parts of this country are not operating under a principle of justice, they are using the justice system as a weapon of political enforcement.

      1. A classic case of the process being the punishment. Hopefully he can get a malicious prosecution civil judgement.

  3. “The lesson here is clear. When a criminal attacks a productive member of society, the productive person must acquiesce and take the beating. If they defend themselves against the criminal, the state will destroy them.”
    The lesson I get is do NOT go into NYFC at any time for any reason. It’s a No Man’s Land, a No Go Zone. Same as with any place those Soros prosecutors are working. They’re out to destroy as many productive members of society as possible. They’re out to destroy society.
    A second lesson is that there is no justice system and no legal system. The supreme court says don’t do something and these blue hives tell them “make me.” All that Bruen does is guarantee another thousand lawsuits. More work for lawyers. More demands for donations from both sides. For judgements that, as we see here, are ultimately meaningless.

    1. That’s the thing, the SCOTUS can’t actually force states to do anything, short of the current Presidential administration sending in troops to enforce the ruling, which obviously will never happen. There is a huge element of good faith. So far, New York is playing games to subvert the ruling and hasn’t outright said “no, we don’t give a shit”. The language that the NYC democrats used was telling, I feel. It wasn’t he usual defiant bluster, it was more subdued, to the effect of “well, we are pretty sure this will pass constitutional muster”. Which means they know it won’t. It will just take a little time. Anyone who thought they were just going to roll over and give up was being naive.

      Now, when places like NYC and California literally say “fuck you, we won’t listen” to the SCOTUS, then we’ll have crossed the Rubicon. If the SCOTUS can be openly ignored and defied by state governors and legislators, then we will be headed towards a truly dark place.

  4. This is nothing other than outright evil by the DA and anyone in his offices who do not full throatedly call out the evil actions.

    It will spur street justice between factions which just drives more violence and drive people out.

  5. This may be egregious enough to pass the Monell barrier and allow suing and disbarring Bragg.

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