I go onto Twitter to find “American Jews” is a trending topic.

My first thought was “oh fuck, what happened?”

As it turns out Trump shot his mouth off on some other social media platform about America Jews and Israel.


He’s not really wrong.

The loudest and most amplified voices in the Jewish community are the Woke, Leftist Jews who are Woke anti-Zionists.

I see more Rabbis with social media with Pride flags and pronouns in their bios calling for solidarity with their “Palestinian Brothers and Sisters” than I do see unapologetic Zionists.


Stating Jews should have fealty to Israel (as theologically accurate as that should be) treads on some very antisemitic tropes.

Then the internet Jewish community decided to respond in a way that makes me hate the living fuck out of them.

I have to say, Holocaust education in the US is the most partisan bullshit ever taught.

Every Jew who responded was a fucking TDS Leftist.

American Jews would allow themselves to be frog-marched into gas chambers or in front of firing squads by Antifa or Students for Justice in Palestinian while saying this is all Trump’s fault.

They have no perspective beyond “the Right is fascist.”

And about half the responses also contained Anti-Zionism, with Jews explaining why they hate Israel and have no loyalty to it for reasons of Apartheid or Palestinian solidarity.

What Trums said was bad (but not entirely wrong) and the Jews rushed in to justify every possible reason for anyone vaguely on the Right to fucking hate their guts.

I wanted to yeet half the Twitter Rabbinate out a helicopter for being to the Left of Che.

If there is ever a Right wing mass attack on the Jewish community, these fucking Jews will have brought it on themselves.

God dammit, do I hate everyone involved in this.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Every part of this story about Trump and the Jews is shit”
  1. A quibble: there’s a difference between “appreciation” and “fealty”. One can appreciate Israel while being loyal to the U.S. of A.

    1. Political Assassination and Zionism — Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

      In May 2009, Yehoshua Zettler, the Israeli terrorist who orchestrated the 1948 assassination of Count Folke von Bernadotte under orders from Yitzhak Shamir, died. It is one of many dark ironies of this tragedy that a member of the Swedish royal family, head of the Swedish Red Cross, rescuer of 11,000 Jews during the Holocaust, and UN peace mediator—was gunned down by a Lehi operative who spent the rest of his life running a gas station. That a man of peace was cut down in the prime of life as he tried to resolve one of the world’s most intractable conflicts–while his murderer died in his bed at the ripe old age of 91–seemed a terrible injustice.

      Political Assassination and Zionism — Tikun Olam תיקון עולם

      Revisionist history bull shit. Bernadotte acted as the negotiator for a rescue operation transporting interned Norwegians, Danes and other western European inmates from German concentration camps to hospitals in Sweden. In World War II he negotiated the release of about 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps, including 450 Danish Jews from the Theresienstadt camp. Bernadotte succeeded in rescuing 15,000 people from German concentration camps, including about 8,000 Danes and Norwegians and 7,000 women of French, Polish, Czech, British, American, Argentinian, and Chinese nationalities. British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper wrote in 1953 that Himmler’s personal masseur, Felix Kersten, who had played some role in facilitating Bernadotte’s access to Himmler, that Kersten – quoted as saying, that according to Himmler, Bernadotte opposed the rescue of Jews and understood “the necessity of our fight against World Jewry”. This attempt to dress Bernadotte with the halo of a saint: complete revisionist history.

      The Stern Gang saw Bernadotte as a stooge of the British and the Arabs. Attempts to treat Israel comparable to post WWII defeated Germany many Jews, myself included view as putrid European imperialism. The Stern Gang incorrectly feared that David Ben Gurion would accept Bernadotte’s Two State Solution. But the first Prime Minister of Israel had a far straight spine than the Stern Gang realized. The Swedish government publicly attacked the inadequacy of the Israeli investigation and campaigned unsuccessfully to delay Israel’s admission to the United Nations.

      Most of us know something of the history of Israeli assassinations of its enemies. Lately, that includes the recent Iranian nuclear scientists. Assassination, a term first coined by Arab radicals during the Middle Ages. Avraham Stern, founder of one of the most violent and extreme Zionist militias, himself assassinated by British Mandatory forces. Count Folke Bernadotte presented a peace proposal that Palestine be established as a “union” with two separate parts, one Jewish, one Arab. This was dismissed. His second proposal abandoned a union and called for two separate states. This version also failed when Pres. Truman embraced a more pro-Zionist position, causing Bernadotte’s plan to lose support at the UN.

      Lehi viewed Bernadotte as a puppet of the British White Paper betrayal. His peace proposal seriously undermined Zionist aims. Since it proposed that Jerusalem be a UN protectorate and allowed Arab refugees to return to their homes inside what would become the state of Israel. Arafat would make this one of his key negotiation points. Israel rejected both Bernadotte and Arafat’s suggestion as absurd. Following his political assassination, Ben Gurion himself worked to dismantle Lehi. In the mid 1990s PM Rabin proposed the establishment of a Balestinian state, he too, despite being the Prime Minister of Israel suffered political assassination.

      The idea of Israel being carved up into two hostile states and the Jewish Capital treated like post WWII Berlin! Many Jews, myself included – simply NO. We view the Six Day War as the 2nd Israeli war of Independence. Our enemies in Europe and Russia view that second Independence war: they condemn it for radically changing the balance of power in the Middle East. France in particular has sought to dismantle this Israeli victory through UN Resolution 242 and many others. The last UN attempt to foist a Mandate protectorate status upon Israel, UN 2334.

      Just recently the UN General Assembly denounced the victory which achieved Israeli Independence in 1948. Most of the countries despise the Jewish State in the Middle East, they do not even hold diplomatic relations, nor do they recognize Israel. The UN Congress of State representatives has no say in the determination of Israeli strategic interests. Israel does not exist as a non-state political protectorate of the UN, any more than Balestine exists as an independent nation and member of good standing within the Congress of States/the United Nations.

      Constitutional Torah Zionism rejects the notions of both Socialism and democracy in favor of establishment of a Constitutional Torah Republic achieved through the establishment of lateral Sanhedrin Federal common law courtrooms. Constitutional Torah Zionism defines Torah faith as the burden to rule Israel through righteous justice, established through lateral common law courtrooms. We reject the State paying the salaries of judges or prosecuting attorneys as a corrupt form of bribery.

      Constitutional Torah Zionism prioritizes domestic judicial fair compensation for damages as the first Cause of the establishment of Judicial Order within the Jewish state. Local domestic issues receive priority over foreign international issues. The Torah stand as the equal inheritance of all sectors of Jewish society. The Orthodox hold no monopoly on the Torah. We seek first and foremost to build trust and peace among our own people by restoring the נידוי placed upon the Rambam. Shalom simply does not apply to Europe because post Shoah, all trust the Goyim barbarians shattered. We view any European initiative, with extreme distrust after the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. Rhetoric like ‘Two States for two people’ or ‘land for peace’ resembles to our sight and smell, to that of a malignant cancer.

      European imperialism best summed up in the arrogant term: “the White Man’s burden”. We seek to establish as the Main trading partners of the Jewish state, Middle Eastern and North African countries. We seek to turn the Negev and Sahara deserts into grazing and farmlands, by changing rain fall patterns within this region and building an international trade route that travers from Egypt to Morocco.

      Constitutional Torah Zionism seeks to conduct diplomacy with an eye to convince our foreign partners to repatriate the Arab refugee populations – the result of the two wars of Israeli Independence. Stateless Arab refugees and their dhimmi second class status the Jewish state rejects. Primarily because it reminds Jews of our 2000+ years g’lut refugee status, which culminated in the Shoah abomination. As Israel repatriated Jewish refugees expelled from Arab countries following the 1948 first Israeli war of Independence, this event serves as the model for Israeli diplomacy. Diplomacy seeks to negotiate with our Arab and Muslim partner countries, to repatriate all Balestinian refugee populations back into the Arab world as Arab citizens of those Muslim countries. By making the desert bloom countries across North Africa shall then need and require Arab farmers and ranchers.

      The cruel barbarous behaviour of European kingdoms, their illegal taxation without representation, how they repeatedly expelled Jewish refugee pauperized populations at a whim, the stench of these most vile war crimes, the Jewish people can never forget or forgive. Therefore, our diplomacy with Arab and Muslim countries to repatriate the current stateless Arab refugee populations, scattered across the countries of the Middle East; to terminate the Balestinian refugee camps and give Arab citizenship to these hapless refugee Arab people; something like as did Napoleon, who freed the Jews out of the Catholic ghetto war crime prisons. Such objectives define the foreign policy of Constitutional Torah Zionism.

  2. So IOW, another ‘mean tweet’ he’s going to be attacked/impeached for that is going to prove 100% accurate in 6 months but will be ignored by the msm.

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