Nearly two months before the march of Cadets and Midshipmen into Gillette Stadium for the annual Army-Navy game, another battle is brewing in Massachusetts.

The fight is far more consequential than a football game and revolves around the state’s 40-year-old right-to-shelter law, which guarantees families with children a place to stay if they meet certain criteria.

One of the most storied rivalries in sports, dating to 1890, the meeting of the service academies will take place in New England for the first time on December 9. It coincides with a growing influx of migrants in Massachusetts – the only state with a right-to-shelter law.

The disparate events collided in recent days when a New Jersey-based travel agency said 60 of its reservations for game weekend were canceled by a hotel management company that needed the rooms to house migrants.

Massachusetts state Rep. Peter Durant, a Republican, told CNN Saturday the state’s right-to-shelter law is outdated and needs to be amended. A possible fix could be guaranteeing shelter to families who have been legal residents of Massachusetts three years or more, he said.

In response to the canceled reservations during Army-Navy game weekend, Durant said he’s pushing legislation requiring hotels to “keep their commitments to those who have already booked rooms.”

Army-Navy game hotel cancellations lead to scrap over Massachusetts’ right-to-shelter law | CNN

Oops! And it is going to get worse. What we haven’t heard yet is how much this is going to cost taxpayers in the end. It is not just the standard fee hotels charge, but I can bet there will be substantial billing for cleaning and damages that may force hotel owners to shut down the property for complete renovations. And that only if they ever get to move the illegal aliens out of the hotel and the good neighborhoods. If they can’t, they will simply become public-housing-like properties.

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  1. Our “leaders” here in Maine are pushing the same ideas… hotels here wait until you show up to tell you you have no room waiting. America soon will be just like other 5th world countries..they want an additional 75THOUSAND “migrants “ here. 75k more votes they think. Liberals are also eyeing “vacation homes” to house migrants cause “you aint using it full time”.. maybe people will finally get it when thier mansion on the coast is full of illegals…. maybe

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