Everybody wears a cape in the comfort of home.

A police shooting in Arkansas.

In a discussion in Social Media, somebody complained:

 Shame on the driver going the other way for not ending that with his car. Perfect setup”

He was referring to this driver in the silver SUV. Hindsight is such a beautiful thing… not.

Although there is no argument that a vehicle has enough grains to stop a bad guy, the idea that you should get in the middle of a shootout is stupid.  You are injecting yourself in a situation where two individuals are highly affected by  adrenaline and the frigging bullets are flying, what could go wrong?

The driver did the smart thing: He/she made the decision of throwing the car into reverse and with a lot of prayer (I am guessing) got the hell out of there. No superhero stuff, no bravado because your own safety is your first responsibility. Besides, you really don’t know what is going and cannot know in the very short frame of time we see in the video.

Let’s put the superhero capes away and make sure the underwear is inside the pants, shall we?

7 Replies to “Everybody wears a cape in the comfort of home.”

  1. What made that video disturbing was the guy getting out of his car and advancing on the cop. Shooting at the cop was bad enough, but this guy was determined to kill him. I hope they wound up catching the guy.

  2. There’s the minor detail that using the SUV as a weapon could easily have killed the passenger in the perpmobile, who might have been the victim of a kidnapping for all the SUV’s driver knew.
    So, yeah. SUV driver did the sane and responsible thing.

  3. When you come upon something like this the best thing is gtfo there. Every situation is different
    Its easy to arm chair quarter back it. What if the suv smacks the guy, then finds out it was an off duty cop and the “cop” in the cruiser was a fake? Use yer spidey sense . Meanwhile stay awake stay hard.

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