I used to like The Daily Show.  I know the Jon Stewart was a liberal and his show had a Left leaning bias, but so is pretty much every other news show on TV.  What Jon Steward had going for him was that he was genuinely funny, and he dished it out to the left as well, calling out liberals on their incompetence and hypocrisy.

Trevor Noah, the new anchor of The Daily Show is no Jon Steward.  With him at the helm, The Daily Show has become a mean spirited hatchet-job against the Right.  On Friday, The Daily Show did a bit on concealed carry and active shooters.  They went out to mock the idea that what it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and shill for gun control.  What they created was so bad it will actually make you dumber watching it.

So brace yourselves…

The only statement made that was completely honest and accurate is that the correspondent, Jordan Kelpper, is an “idiot with a gun.”  I know The Daily Show is a comedy show, but the behavior of the correspondent in the range was down right embarrassing.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have tossed him from my class.  Guns are serious.  Fun, but serious.

First and foremost, the continuous lie pushed by antis and now The Daily Show is that “it’s so easy for people to get CCW permits, that any idiot can get a permit and we’ll end up with a whole bunch of idiots carrying guns in public.”  This is usually followed by argument “these untrained idiots will only make any situation worse.”

Let me start with my credentials on this issue.  I have CCW permits from UT, AZ, FL, IL, and AL, and I used to have permits from SD and IN, but those states don’t allow for non-residents permits.  I have been a CCW permit instructor.

Virtually every person I have sat through a CCW class with or have taught was a shooter before applying for their permit.  In my experience, people who get their carry permits regularly practice with their carry guns.  Concealed carry is a right in most states, a permit, and more importantly a mindset and a lifestyle.  That is what never gets touched on and The Daily Show went out of its way to ignore.  What I never see is the pubic discussion about permit holders who shoot weekly or monthly, maintaining their skill at personal expense.

The reason, I believe, that this never gets addressed is that there is no way for those who advocate for bigger and more overbearing government to slap their magic seal of government approval on individual practice or readiness.  An NYPD officer shooting 50 rounds every 6 months, is what qualifies as a “professional” in the mind of an anti.  A civilian with a CCW permit shooting several hundred rounds every few months more more… well.. that just doesn’t count.

With his CCW in hand, the correspondent heads over to The Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training program and gets shot to pieces with Simunitions.  Proving that The Daily Show really doesn’t get it.

It is the duty of police to run towards the gunfire.  They are first responders.  Call 911 and they should show up.

CCW permit holders are not first reposonders.  It’s not our job to run towards the gunfire.  When an emergency happens near me, 911 doesn’t connect to my cell phone.  In an active shooter scenario, I’m not going to advance on a shooter.  Let the men with rifles and hard armor do that.

Ultimately, The Daily Show, after making fun of millions Americans with CCW permits, doesn’t give an alternative solution.

“Could we just figure out a way to just not put a gun in this asshole’s [pointing at the mock active shooter] hands?”

GREAT!  Except:

  1. Even Liberals were forced to acknowledge that all the gun laws they have passed in places like California, failed to stop mass shootings like in San Bernardino, Oregon, or elsewhere.  Especially when guns are obtained through illegal straw purchases or stolen.  They have yet to propose new gun control laws that can guarantee no more mass shootings.
  2. If you find yourself in an active shooter situation, what do you do?  Just sit there and wait for death?  The FBI has acknowledge that sometimes you have no choice but to fight, if running or hiding aren’t options.

It’s easy to criticize, it’s hard to propose meaningful solutions; which is The Daily Show’s modus operandi.  In this case, the mockery does real damage.  Reducing concealed carry is not going to make anybody safer in an active shooter scenario, and will probably make things a whole lot worse.

You want to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of potential mass shooters WITHOUT infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens, I’m all ears.  But I haven’t heard one proposal that would do that.

I’d much rather the police take on an active shooter.  But they can’t be everywhere all the time, and even some police are recognizing the effect armed citizens can have in preventing mass shooters.

But calling CCW permit holders idiots with guns because we’ve (by and large) never been to a LEO training academy is ridiculous.

I don’t carry because I go looking for trouble.  I carry just in case trouble finds me.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Everyone in this room is now dumber”
  1. These little exercises are always stacked. 20/20 (or Dateline – they’re all the same…) did a similar exercise last year. They put a complete rube as the CCW holder up against a trained professional as the aggressor. It played out as you would expect.

    Now yeah, there’s a few idiots in the CCW population, but by and large, most permit holders practice and train often, and adhere to the mindset.

    TDS has always been a bastion of left-leaning thinking amongst the youngsters. Stewart was bad enough, and his smug sense of New York superiority never sat well with me. The new TDS takes it to another level, in order to compensate for lackluster ratings.

    1. Yeah, it was Dateline about five years ago. Below is a link to the VPC promoting the segment.

      Of course, they use a pro against relative novices, forced them into using bulky and inhibiting clothing, and then forcing them to sit in the exact spot where the aggressor would know they would be.

      1. I remember this video. It seemed like the gunman knew exactly which student was armed. He always went for the prof first and armed student next. It wasn’t random at all.

        And again, the never give an alternative. If you fight do you just cower and get shot in the back?

      2. I’d like to see how well they do in the same scenario armed with just a cell phone. Then maybe the light bulb clicks on with these people.

        1. We also must remember that spree shooters aren’t exactly Mr. Swat either. They tend to have a hit rate worse than the NYPD.

          1. Yep. Most of the time these guys just acquired some guns and maybe shot them once before they went out on their heinous killing spree.

            As I said below, it’s up to the individual armed citizen on whether to take action (don’t be a hero but don’t just sit there) but I’d say there’s a fair chance the active shooter has little skill and there’s a fair chance one could take them down.

            The San Antonio PD released a video recently showing how do deal with an active shooter. In addition to the usual responses of running out the side door and so on, they detail how to fight back, whether you are armed, or not.

  2. So I’m less than 2 minutes in, and the “idiot with a gun” first makes light of the plastic training gun, then fails to keep it pointed in a safe direction, and then says “I don’t follow any rules.”

    At this point, if I was the CCW instructor, I’d be taking the training gun from him, and saying “Congratulations, you failed. Get out and come back when you’re ready to take this seriously.”

  3. I saw this today and my first thought was to ask here if it’s really that easy to get a CCW license.

    “A civilian with a CCW permit shooting several hundred rounds every few months more more… well.. that just doesn’t count.” Of course it counts. As a right-wing, white male extremist that’s the “real” threat.

    I liked Stewart, too. He was funny. Or, his writers were. But these “reporters” are… I’m at a loss for words. John Oliver was kinda funny. Maybe because of his accent 🙂

    And during the “active shooter” part i was thinking “why is he roaming the halls looking for trouble?” Not his job.

  4. I’ve taken several training classes with Modern Defensive Training Systems (MDTS). Classes like Basic Shotgun Skills, Basic Carbine Skills, Basic Pistol Skills, Defensive Fundamentals, Speed, Decision & Precision, and Low Light Skills. In every class, 1/2 or more of the students are always LEOs. When I ask why they are taking private firearms skills classes with MDTS, the answer is always the same – “Outside of the initial orientation and once yearly range qualification, I don’t get this type of training from my Dept.” Unless they’re in a Tactical Unit, most beat cops and detectives I’ve met get their firearms skill training from the same sources as us civilians.

  5. Daily Show does not equal journalism, impartiality, or a valid scientific experiment. They are a comedy and people treat it like they have any credibility. Beyond silly.

    What next? Why not have kabuki theater actors conduct our airline security screening…oh wait.

  6. This guy is too much of an idiot to drop his gun when the police are pointing guns at him, and we’re supposed to believe everyone is as dumb as him.

    He mocks a question on the test for being too easy, but fails that question a dozen times in practice.

    He could make the same video of him getting a driver license and laughing at the test for asking what a red light means (because its kind of important to know that!) and then goes out intentionally driving like a jackass, crashed his car, and then says, “I can’t believe they let me drive!”

    Wonderful piece…

  7. “…(P)olice…are first responders…CCW permit holders are not first reposonders (sic)…”

    I must respectfully disagree.

    “First responders” are the people at the scene of an incident when it occurs; those at the scene have a moral responsibility for their own safety and the protection of others in their charge. Everyone else arrives late.

    1. I understand where you are coming from, but I disagree. There is a big difference between defending yourself and advancing on a bad guy. Self defense if fight or die. Advancing comes with way too much personal risk. I’m not a cop. My duty is to make it home to my family alive.

      In an active shooter scenario, say a shooting in an office building, if I’m not in the room the shooting starts in, I’ll barricade the door. If Mr. Bad Guy tries to make it into the room I’m in, he’s coming into an ambush situation. But I’m not going to leave my cover and/or concealment to hunt him down.

      Let the men with rifles and body armor do that. I’m not going up against some rampaging asshole with an AR, armed with a pistol and a t-shirt.

      1. It’s a difficult call. The cops could be many, many minutes away. You might be barricaded in, but unfortunately your co-workers could be getting slaughtered as the seconds tick by. To be honest, I’d have to take the chance. If I blew the bad guy away, and maybe got roughed up by the cops when they showed up (after the threat was down, I’d take a seat and put my gun aside) I’d be willing to deal with that if I saved lives.

        Unfortunately none of us will know what our actions are until something like this happens to us.

  8. What gets me is they think everyone wants a gun to be able to act like a cop,and couldn’t be further from the truth.It is mainly to defend one’s self not to go look for bad guys.I would hope no one with a CC would just jump up and try and shoot it out like they were showing.

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