Libs/Leftists have zero understanding of the reality of violence.

“I said fuck you mother and none of them took a swing at my puny ass, they must be cowards.”

You know why I don’t get into fights with random people?  Because I don’t want to go to jail.

Not to mention in a fight most people get hurt.

I already broke my hand and had it put back together with screws.  I’m not inclined to do that again on some Leftist’s face, then go to prison.  Not matter what he says about my mother.

But the way the Left thinks about violence and the strawman version of the Right they came up with, of course not getting into a fist fight in a public place with a scrawny guy who is white knighting for Biden (who the fuck white knights for Biden, holy shit) means that means people on the Right really are cowards.

And the he goes on Twitter chest thumping like he just kicked the shit out of a couple of Hell’s Angels.

Everyone needs to be the hero of their own story, but damn this is one pathetic story.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Everyone likes to be the hero of their own story regardless of how improbable it might be”
  1. So why the story? If you are not going to do anything why right about it? You have said over and over you will not use any force for any reason because you are scared of loosing the life you have. So why write about it? This “post” doesn’t provide anything at all. Really want to help the country? Stop making twitter part of the world and watch how much better it gets

      1. I do agree with him on the Twitter part. It’s poison, is made to be poison, and the nation would be better off without it.

        1. I totally disagree about twatter. Can you think of a single other device ever fashioned by mortal man that is more effective at tricking subhuman animals into self-identifying?

  2. It is a pretty good demonstration that many on the left can’t differentiate between harsh words and physical violence. As such it serves as a reminder that if you see a leftist shouting or insulting you or others that you need to watch out for the physical attack because to a leftest they have already committed to the attack. It also shows these people have a mob mentality that only understand violence and wont be cowed without overwhelming response.

    I used to think Twitter was a cesspool best ignored but I have since realized that the left follows it almost religiously and as such it is a practically a barometer for the left’s acceptance of ideas.

  3. Well, I’m certainly impressed with Whore Whisperer’s (sp?) masterful use of language.

    If I’m lucky, he’ll be doing a Loser Story Hour at my local library.

  4. Stay out of cities. Stay out of crowds. Keep yer trap shut. Say nothing because all you say will be used against you. I live in a small town with lots of liberals in it not far from a little bigger town FULL of them. I do my thing and ignore liberals unless one speaks to me directly.. high speed low drag- low profile heh heh

  5. To quote a well known rejoinder: And that guy’s name was Albert Einstein.

    Five bucks says this didn’t happen at all. Or it half-happened. He heard someone saying ‘fuck Joe Biden’ (or ‘let’s go Brandon’) and he thought, quite loudly in his opinion, about saying ‘fuck your mother’. But he didn’t.

    1. The only thing missing from this story is “and then everybody clapped.” Leftists always try to virtue signal to compensate for a total lack of any real virtue. Rather than do anything, they tell stories of how great they are and why everyone else needs to change.

  6. I agree with Toastrider- this never happened. Even if it DID, I don’t get in physical fights over someone taunting me. That doesn’t make me a pussy.

    One of the basic tenets of using force in self defense is that you can’t have done anything to provoke the attack. Running your mouth and taunting someone can cause you to lose that legal innocence, meaning that you can no longer use a “self defense” claim as a legal defense if you have to use physical force.

    No thanks.

  7. Apparently Mx hero of zhir own morality tale completely missed the unsaid part of “It’s a lib who will immediately cry for the police Zhe was screaming to defund 5 minutes ago and cause shit far beyond any enjoyment derived by further taunting” The let’s go Brandon guys did an immediate cost benefit analysis and chose wisely.

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