It’s crystal clear the Joe Biden has no rapport with our troops.

He does a poor job addressing them, then insults them  when they fail to applaud as being “dull” or “stupid.”

He did it again, this time to the graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy.

What he was trying to say was addled and his attempted quoting of Ronald Reagan fell flat.  The Left will call this “joking” or something else, but you can hear the awkward and unenthusiastic nature of the applause.

I expect that we’re going to find out that anyone who doesn’t applaud Biden gets purged.  Stories persist of people being shot at Stalin’s speeches for not applauding or being the first to stop applauding.  I can see “the most popular president ever” needed to resort to such tactics as well.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Everyone who doesn’t clap gets purged”
  1. A theory I’ve heard is that the physicians have hopped him up on a cocktail that keeps him upright and at least moderately focused. This is why his eyes often look different; he’s wearing darker contacts to prevent people from being able to see his pupils.

    Unfortunately, it can’t increase his abysmal charisma.

  2. The last (lowest gpa) person in that CGA class lost (the sloughed off dead ones) more brain cells sitting there than ChoBiDin will ever have.

    UNKEL JOW is a quart low on embalming fluid. My theory is the pump failed on his CamelBack of voodoo potion.

    The world wonders who voted this ventriloquist’s dummy into office. The Whitehouse is cheating a village somewhere…

  3. In the first video, look at the soldiers faces before having to clap. None looked thrilled to be there.

    But more disturbing, look at the happy cow face of the wife.

    Is it me or does she seem to be hovering everywhere SloJoe happens to post.

  4. The reason why no one laughed is that Senile Joe F***ed up the joke!

    Joe dropped at least one or two words from the punchline he was trying to say, rendering it close to gibberish.

    Here is how it should be done, except Joe never would be able to remember the whole set-up, joke, and punchline, or even be able to spit out the three sentences without messing them all up.

    Ronald Reagan was able to get it right.

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