I didn’t watch the State of the Union, but I did see this online.

Someday, in the (probably not too distant) future, the Democrats are going to make a legitimate stab at imposing Socialism.

When that is over, I believe that elections will be insufficient to right the Ship of State.

Those responsible should be tried, not unlike the Nazis at Nuremberg, for their attempted destruction of America.

I believe that this video clip, of Bernie Sanders sitting and scowling at the President of the Unites States saying “we are born free and we will stay free” will be Exhibit No. 1 in the trail against him.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Exhibit 1”
  1. Bernie bro needs to retire permantly to one of his 3 or 4 ubber-rich homes and leave us the hell alone. Like, right now.

  2. Can’t believe I’m typing this, but … I disagree strongly.

    I do not wish to live in a country where “facecrime” is real, let alone something that can result in officially sanctioned punishment, and that’s what you’re talking about here. That’s the Leftist game as applied to the Covington kids, and I want no part of it.

    Besides Bernie already has enough said on record while a member of Congress to convict him on violation of his oath of office, no?

  3. As much as my lizard brain would enjoy it, I don’t really want to erect guillotines on the Washington Mall. That said, unless we (the normals) excise the rot in the educational system, the socialists will have new solders coming along every year. I don’t have a solution, but I think a start is for local school boards to regain control of their curricula, and tell the Feds f**k you.

  4. The Dems are very good at stealing elections, the California house ele tions are a good example, the moves to by pass the electoral college is another. They will continue until they have control, then the shtf. Higher taxes for everyone who works, open borders, no 2nd amendment, restrictions of the 1st amendment. Then the war starts

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